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19th Century Judaica

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19th Century Judaica

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1 1859 - 1860 HAMASAEF: The Hebrew Review and Magazine for Jewish Literature: The journal of Hebrew Enlightenment and the First Modern Hebrew Periodical
London 1859 Hard Cover Good Hebrew, English 12mo - over 6¾" - 7¾" tall 
On offer the famed HEBREW PERIODICAL: HAMASAEF: The Hebrew Review, and Magazine for Jewish Literature. HaMasaef was the journal of Hebrew Enlightenment and the First Modern Hebrew Periodical New Series; Vol. 1, No. 1 - 48. London, 1859-1860. (i.e., October 1859 to September 1860.) 8vo. An extended run of 48 numbered issues bound in one volume. Individual issues in VERY GOOD condition, original boards, loose and shaken, spine replaced with crude tape. VERY RARE. Copac records only the British Library copy which contains only the first 10 issues [Ref: "Hameasef Breakthrough in Hebrew Periodical Literature: the History, Way and Essence of the First Modern Hebrew Periodical," Hadoar, 79]. 
Price: 1259.99 USD
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Warsaw, Poland 1870 Original Wraps Poor Hebrew, Judaica 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall , 
1870 Warsaw HAGGADAH. Rare. No copies in American auction records. Last similar book was 1868 Warsaw Haggadah sold in 1982. The Book: Haggadah Shel Pesach, Warsaw, 1870. 8vo. One must be more forgiving of the condition of Haggadot than other books. This is a very worn copy with 1/2 loss to rear board, partial loss to last leaf, partial loss to upper title, some fraying. However, it is a still a nice rare example of a Polish 19th century Haggadah. 
Price: 199.99 USD
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3 Machzor - A Cycle: A prayer book for Shavuot with Yiddish Translation
Bazultzbach 1895 Fair+ Hebrew 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall 
On offer: Machzor - A Cycle, being a reference used for seforim containing prayers for unique days in the annual calendar cycle. [Today we only use this term for the High Holiday prayer book, since all other holidays are fit into the regular daily prayer book, but back in those days they used to publish a separate book for every holiday.] This is a prayer book for the Shavuot holiday with Yiddish translation. It also boasts of it's uniqueness due to insertions of laws pertaining to Holidays, and descriptive intentions imparted by the authors of the liturgical works. Published: 1895, Bazultzbach. Well used, well rubbed and generally soiled, leather covers loose, interior text age-toned. Overall F+. 
Price: 349.99 USD
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4 Musaf L'Yom Kippur [The Mussaf Service for Yom Kippur] - Bijgevoegd-Gebed Voor Den Verzoendag
AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS 1850 Good Hebrew - Dutch 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall 
On offer: Musaf L'Yom Kippur [The Mussaf Service for Yom Kippur] - Bijgevoegd-Gebed Voor Den Verzoendag. A singular book with leather tips and gilt stamped cover treatment. A lovely book specifically for the longest and richest prayer of the year. Dutch-Hebrew. G+. 
Price: 349.99 USD
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5 Seder Tefilos - Order of Prayers
AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS Poor Hebrew 12mo - over 6¾" - 7¾" tall 
On offer: Seder Tefilos - Order of Prayers. This is an early 19th century Sephardic prayer book to be used on Shabbat, Rosh Chodesh (first day of Hebrew month), Chanukah, and Purim. Hebrew. Covers present but detached, loose pages. P. 
Price: 289.99 USD
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6 Aher Nissan L'kutei Shoshanim - A Compilation of Roses
Vilnius Lithuania 1875 Fair+ Hebrew 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall , 
On offer: L'kutei Shoshanim - A Compilation of Roses by Aher Nissan son of Yehudah Leib (son of Rabbi Yehudah Leib Eidel, a famed teacher in the Chassidic town of Slonim) being a collection of his sermons. Published: 1875, Vilnius. Well used, well rubbed and generally soiled but interior text is better than good. Overall G. 
Price: 389.99 USD
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7 Auerbach, Meyer An open letter addressed to Sir Moses Montefiore together with a Narrative of Forty Days' Sojourn in the Holy Land - INCLUDING A SIGNED 3 PAGE ALS BY SIR MOSES
London WERTHEIMER, LEA 1875 Decorative Cloth Good+ None Hebrew, English 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall 
1875. SIGNED BY SIR MOSES MONTEFIORE. THE VERY BOOK AND LETTER SENT BY SIR MOSES MONTEFIORE TO A DONOR TO HIS PALESTINE FUND. This is an original and valuable book - it is not a reproduction. The Book: Auerbach, Meyer. An open letter addressed to Sir Moses Montefiore together with a Narrative of Forty Days' Sojourn in the Holy Land 9 Ellul, 5635-Sept 9, 1875. Auerbach, Meyer. An open letter addressed to Sir Moses Montefiore together with a Narrative of Forty Days' Sojourn in the Holy Land, 9 Ellul, 5635 - Sept 9, 1875. 8 vo, blue boards, gilt ruled, slight peeling to head of spine and bumping, some soiling to boards, traces of foxing affect some leaves, but overall a VERY GOOD AND HANDSOME COPY of a increasingly rare book that is very difficult to find in good condition with its fragile spine intact, with printed embossed armorial bookplate of Moses Montefiore. Including, most importantly an ALS on Ramsgate stationery, 3 pages, signed by Moses Montefiore himself. The letter is guaranteed to be genuine as well as Montefiore's signature. The letter thanks Mr. G. Startin for a contribution of £5/5 for the Montefiore Testimonial Fund. As a token of gratitude and for the man's expressed interest in his voyage to the Holy Land. Sir Montefiore sends his book for his kind donation. Sir Moses Montefiore was the the great English philanthropist of paramount importance to the Zionist cause and the eventual re-establishment of the Jewish State in the Holy Land. Sir Moses Montefiore visited Palestine seven times, his last voyage being in 1875 and recorded in this book. His personal generosity was unsurpassed and he also administered public and private funds such as the Montefiore Testimonial, which the letter refers directly to, which was aimed at bettering the condition of the Jews of Palestine through industry and agriculture. Thus it is clear that this important and rare book, the very book sent by Montefiore to a donor to his Palestine fund, possesses a deep and tangible connection to early Zionism, Israel, and Judaism. As a price guide for potential buyers, I may advise that the book alone (without letter) has sold only 1 time in 25 years of American auction Records, at Sothebys's Nov 18, 1993 lot 803 for £200.00 Naturally, a letter of Montefiore is quite valuable . A similar 1 page (the one for sale here is 3 pages) LS, also involving a contribution to to a Montefiore Foundation sold last at auction for $1600.00 at June 12, 1997. In my opinion, this book may merit a premium to the combined value since it nicely preserves the letter and the original book together. 
Price: 2299.99 USD
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8 Baruch Landa Raisheet Limudim - the Genesis of Study
KRAKOW 1821 Hard Cover Good Hebrew, Judaica 12mo - over 6¾" - 7¾" tall 
On offer: Raisheet Limudim - the Genesis of Study. This book contains 10 individual lessons by Baruch Landa on secular subjects and on nature. It indicates that this is the book's 3d publication, and that lesson No. 10 [a lesson on European geography] had been updated to reflect geographical changes that were adopted by the Vienna Congress in 1815. Printed: 1821 Krakow. Front cover has a German language title in gilt. Rough covers, rubbed edges but overall G. 
Price: 359.99 USD
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9 Benzion Berkowitz Sefer Lechem V'simlah - The Book of Bread & Clothing
Vilna Poland 1854 Hard Cover Good Hebrew, Judaica 12mo - over 6¾" - 7¾" tall 
On offer: Sefer Lechem V'simlah - The Book of Bread & Clothing by Benzion Berkowitz. This book is an aid to help follow the famous translation of the Torah by Unkelous [a nephew of the Roman Emperor Hadrian who converted to Judaism] into Aramaic. Printed: Vilna, 1854. Covers are rough with rubbed edges and general soiling otherwise overall G. 
Price: 429.99 USD
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10 Dr. Salomon Herzheimer, Editor Megilat Esther - the Scroll of Esther
Prague Czechoslovakia Czech Republic 1896 Leather Good Hebrew, German 12mo - over 6¾" - 7¾" tall 
On offer: Megilat Esther - the Scroll of Esther edited by Dr. Salomon Herzheimer. This is the same scroll that we read in Synagogue on the Jewish festival of Purim. Printed Prague, 1896 by Jacob B. Brandies. Contemporary leather binding over yellowed text in both Hebrew and German. 
Price: 389.99 USD
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11 Efrayim Zalman Margolis & Hayyim Joseph Gottlieb [?] BEIT EPHRIAM - BEIS EPHRAYIM - HOUSE OF EPHRIAM
Vilno Lithuania 1833 Leather Spine Good Hebrew, Judaica Folio - over 12" - 15" tall , 
On offer: 2 separate volumes of one work being: Beis Efrayim - House of Ephrayim. Authored by early 19th century, Galician Rabbi, Efrayim Zalman Margolis. It is his respected commentary on Jewish law. Covers are rough as with all working Seforim, interiors are better than good. Overall G. 
Price: 495.99 USD
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12 Efrayim Zalman Margolis & Hayyim Joseph Gottlieb [?] TIV GITTEN [THE DEPTH OF DIVORCE] & YAD EPHRAYIM [THE HAND OF EFRIAM]
Lemburg [Lvov] Poland Schrenzel 1859 Original Wraps Good Hebrew, Judaica Folio - over 12" - 15" tall , 
On offer: two books by separate authors in one binding bound together. Both books deal with the Jewish laws of divorce. The first book is called Tiv Gittin - The Depth of Divorce (loosely translated), an important book used to this day by Rabbis who serve on Jewish courts and issue Jewish divorces. Research suggests the author is Hayyim Joseph Gottlieb of Stropkov [also known as the Stropkover Rov]. The 2nd book is called Yad Efrayim - The Hand of Ephrayim, authored by early 19th century, Galician Rabbi Efrayim Zalman Margolis. It lists every Hebrew name he could think of, and their accurate Hebrew spelling [a Jewish divorce must be written accurately and precisely on behalf of the parties involved. If their names are inaccurately spelled the divorce is problematic. There are many Jewish, Yiddish, German, Spanish, names whose Hebrew spelling is difficult to determine and hence the purpose of this book.] Covers are rough but overall G. 
Price: 585.99 USD
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13 Ephrayim Zanvil Divrei Chachomim V'chidosom - Sayings of the Wise and their Riddles & Moreh Derech - A Guide
Warsaw Poland 1840 Hard Cover Good Hebrew, Judaica 32mo - over 4" - 5" tall , 
On offer: Two books in one: 1) Divrei Chachomim V'chidosom - Sayings of the Wise and their Riddles by Ephrayim Zanvil [a renowned member of the Rabbinical court in Altena and Hamburg, Germany. This book is a compilation of impressive, witty, and shrewd responses by certain Rabbis and sages. It also includes some letters of the Ramban [the Nachmonidies (Rabbi Moshe Ben Nachman) of the 12th century]. It also includes letters of the Great Gaon - genius - of Vilna (this is simply how this man of unparalleled greatness was known.) Printed: Warsaw, 1840. Book Two: Moreh Derech - A Guide. It translates Hebrew & Talmudic words into Yiddish. Printed: Warsaw, 1841. 
Price: 449.99 USD
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NEW YORK CITY NY 1886 Very Good+ German Language 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall 
On offer is an original typed letter signed [TLS] dated The Society for Ethical Culture, NY, April 14, 1886, 1-1/2 pages by Felix Adler (1851-1933) Jewish rationalist intellectual, popular lecturer, religious leader and social reformer who founded the Ethical Culture movement. Although not mentioned by name this was written to Douglas Volk, the American artist noted for his famous portrait of Abraham Lincoln that was used for the postage stamp. Also of note this letter comes on the heels of Volk's founding of the Minneapolis School of Fine Art, Minnesota (now the Minneapolis College of Art and Design) and served as its director until 1893. Adler writes: "My Dear Friend: I must send you a few lines even if they be brief and printed in the stiff letters of the typewriter which you must excuse. I want to tell you simply how dear your kind words are to me and how I treasure and shall always treasure your precious friendship. I am glad to learn that your first days in Minneapolis have been spent in bright sunshine and I trust it may be a favorable augury for the near and distant future. You have indeed a great work before you and it must cheer and inspire you to feel that you are to plant your great and holy art in virgin and fruitful soil. I shall follow your progress with constant and undeviating sympathy, you may be sure, and I trust you will not fail to keep me informed even of every little thing that occurs in your life, of every little sign of progress and of every disappointment, for these too, of course, will not be wanting. With kindest and sincerest good-wishes from all of us to all of you, and especially to you your friend Felix Adler." BIO NOTES: At the age of twenty-four, Adler founded the New York Society for Ethical Culture in 1876. His sermon on May 15, 1876 is considered to be the date on which the religion he called Ethical Culture was established. His lectures before this society on Sundays in New York were well known and attended, and were routinely reported on in the New York Times. Adler's belief in deed rather than creed led his society to foster two innovative projects. In 1877 the NYSEC sponsored Visiting Nursing, where nurses, and doctors if necessary, visited the homebound sick in poor districts. This service was eventually incorporated into the New York City health system. A year later, in 1878, a Free Kindergarten was established as a tuition-free school for working people's children. It evolved over time into the Ethical Culture Fieldston School. In 1902 Adler was given the chair of political and social ethics at Columbia University, which he held until his death in 1933. VG. 
Price: 985.99 USD
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15 LOPES CARDOZO FR. Seder Taaniyot - The Order for Fast-Days - Gebeden Voor De Vastendagen
AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS J.B. DE MESQUITA 1858 Good Hebrew - Dutch 4to - over 9¾" - 12" tall 
On offer: Seder Taaniyot [The Order for Fast-Days] - Gebeden Voor De Vastendagen being a Sephardic guide for prayers and more on Jewish public fast days. G+. 
Price: 349.99 USD
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16 Moshe Chalfan Millim Derabanan [Sayings of the Sages] : arranged according to the letters of the Hebrew Alphabet
Nikolsburg [Czech Republic] 1830 Original Wraps Good None Hebrew, Judaica 32mo - over 4" - 5" tall 
Millim Derabanan [Sayings of the Sages], arranged according to the letters of the Hebrew Alphabet. 12mo. Undated, circa 1830. Nikolsburg [Czech Republic]. Very Good condition, save for loosening and partial loss of paper spine. Exceeding Rare. I have not been able to locate another copy of the work. "The settlement of the Jews in Nikolsburg dates probably from 1420, when, after the expulsion from the neighboring province of Lower Austria, fugitives settled in the town under the protection of the princes of Lichtenstein. (Ref: Jewish Encylopedia). This book was written by the revered Moshe Chalfan for the propagation of the Hasidic doctrine. 
Price: 349.99 USD
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17 Rabbi Aryeh Leib Sefer Turei Even al shlosha mesechot Rosh Hashana, Chagigah, Megilah. L'Rabbeinu HaGadol MeOhr HaGolah Cavod HaGaon Ari Leib Zecher Tzaddik V'Kodesh L'vracha
Vilnius Lithuania 1835 Leather Spine Good Hebrew, Judaica Folio - over 12" - 15" tall , 
Book Description : Vilna, 1835. Sefer Turei Even al shlosha mesechot Rosh Hashana, Chagigah, Megilah. L'Rabbeinu Ha Gadol Me'Ohr Ha'Golah Cavod Ha Gaon Ari Leib Zecher Tzaddik V'Kodesh L'vracha. "The Rows of Stone: On 3 Tractates [which are] Rosh Hashana, Chagigah, Megilah. Written by the great Rabbi; light of the Exile, with respect to the genius Teacher Aryeh Leib, Remembered As Righteous And Holy For A Blessing." A work of commentary on 3 tractates of the Talmud by Rabbi Aryeh Leib Ginzberg, 18th century rabbi, generally referred to by the name of his most famous work Shaagas Aryeh ("The Lion's Roar"). Covers rubbed and soiled as with all 'working' seforim. Interior pages are very good with only general signs of aging. Overall G. 
Price: 429.99 USD
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18 Rabbi Avraham Taub Misbach Caparah - Altar of Atonement
Lemburg Poland 1861 Good Hebrew Folio - over 12" - 15" tall , 
On offer: Misbach Caparah - Altar of Atonement by Rabbi Avraham Taub. And it's his commentary on the Talmudic discussion on the Sacrificial Offerings in Jerusalem's ancient Temple. Dated: Lemberg, 1861. Rough covers, cracked hinges, tape on the spine and general soiling and age-toning otherwise G. 
Price: 359.99 USD
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19 Rabbi Chasdai Kreshkash [Hasdai Crescas] Or Hashem - The Light of God - sometimes The Purpose of the World
Johannisburg East Prussia 1861 Fair+ Hebrew 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall 
On offer: Or Hashem - The Light of G-d by Rabbi Chasdai Kreshkash [a renowned Jewish scholar in 15th century Spain died just 12 years prior to the Spanish expulsion. He is particularly known for his works on philosophy.] This book is a work of philosophical perspective on Jewish scholarship and Jewish life. It's also the Rebbe's effort to defend the Maimondian, a 12th century sephardic philosophical work called Moreh N'vuchim -"Guide to the Perplexed". In the 12th century philosophy was very important in real life, but by the 15th century, people didn't look at life from a philosophical perspective as much as the Aristotelian laws were no longer absolute.) Published: Johannesburg, South Africa. Originally printed 1555, this is a later printing circa 1861. Well used, well rubbed and generally soiled but interior text is better though some mis-folds and some age-toning. Overall F+. 
Price: 549.99 USD
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20 Rabbi Efrayim Zalman Margolis Mateh Efrayim - The Staff of Ephrayim
Warsaw Poland 1890 Fair+ Hebrew 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall , 
On offer: Mateh Efrayim - The Staff of Ephrayim. This is a treatise on Jewish practices during the season which begins one month prior to the Jewish New Year, through Yom Kippur. Author: early 19th century, Galician Rabbi Efrayim Zalman Margolis. Dated: Warsaw, 1890. Rough covers, general soiling. Overall F+. 
Price: 249.99 USD
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