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On offer is a interesting, historical manuscript diary dated Kennebunkport Maine 1892 a year noted for an epidemic of the Grippe or influenza. There were many tragedies but none so awful as the self inflicted deaths because of epidemic so bad that one woman hung herself and another man shot himself. The author, C. A. Clough, and her husband David suffered greatly. In fact David gets sick with it and survives through the fever but is sick in bed and almost dying for at least 7 months of the diary. Not only that, she also gets sick yet somehow still takes care of David. Then if that isn't enough, her mother dies. One cannot read the diary without fearing what the next day will bring for David and his wife; would he get better? Can she survive all the hard work and toil? Her own ills? How many more would fall? So many neighbors, family members and friends are suffering but also many are helping out. Finally, in the fall of this year, David starts heading out of doors and doing more. Yet with all the daily trauma she still mentions local and national events and we read about the Lizzie Borden murder in Fall River and more. But this diary is really amazing study of what an epidemic like the flu could do to a community. Here are some snippets: 1892 JANUARY 2nd, "A heavy rain at night. David went to Dave's for manure and to the beach for seaweed. Carrie went home on the train. I shall not go home tomorrow." 17th, "Addie and Charles went up to village. Heard Betsy Mitchell is dead of Grippe. The Grippe is fatal in almost every case." 20th, "David went to Port with Davis's hay then up to Walker's Mill. Eddie to dinner. Capt. Seth Grant is dead with Grippe." 23rd, "Betsy Davis came. They are very sick. Everyone in the family all down but Eve. Every family is down. Amos and Milo Huff about dead." 26th, David is sick, so am I. Charles and Addie home. Come in to take care of us. Dr. Merrill says it is Grippe. Oh dear, so sick. David's foot painful." 28th, "Charles went up to see if father and mother are alive. Dr. Merrill called. David's foot no better. I am up and dressed. Charles taken." 29th, "Charles is sick. We sent up for _____. They carried Charles home. Oh dear it is terrible. Where it will end no one can tell." FEBRUARY 5th - 8th, "David not so well, got worse. Poor mother worse. I never expect to see her again. Janie Stone came. Lizzie came home…..My dear mother died at six o'clock. God help me. How can I bear it. No mother. I am too sick to go. David worse….David worse I don't know what to do. Sadie, Dana and Davis all down with Grippe. Where will it end……Dr. Russ and Merrill gives but little encouragement of David. We are doing all we can. Oh Lord help me." 12th, "Sent for Lizzie. David still alive. I think he will live. George Leach is taking care of him and John Jackson tonight." 19th, "David seems so low. I have had no time to think of home, father left alone. Emma Jackson Hanson." 28th, "David sat up an hour today. Horace came over today. I feel so lonesome. I mourn for mother. No mother." MARCH 5TH, David seems very feeble. He can only set up ½ hour. I wish he was well. It is 21 days he has lain this way." 15th, "David had a very sick day. I fear the worst thinking he is sinking. Lizzie and I shall set up tonight. I am so tired." 31st, "David's foot troubles again. It is real bad. Dr. Hill is insane. Too bad he was not right when he was here." APRIL 2nd, "David's foot troubles him. It swells and is purple. We have callers, Mr. Pope has got back from his vacation." 11th, "We washed for the first time in 3 months. David does not seem to gain but very little. Cold and blowing." MAY 12TH, "Father and Uncle Orville came down. Mrs. Robert Fletcher hung herself cause of the Grippe. David about the same." 14th, "Percy and I went to Cape and then to Port. Called on May Hutchins. Liddie staid with David. He is not very smart today." 22nd, "David's face is swollen so he is much discouraged. Lizzie of Charles came. Charles Perkins Titcomb shot himself this May." 24th, "I had a very sick night, pain. I though I should almost die. Dr. Merrill come. We paid him 80 $. David about the same." JUNE 25th, "A powerful rain last night. David feels slim today. I am most discouraged about him. He says he shall not get well." JULY 17th, "I went to church. Left David alone for the first time. Charles and Addie went up to see Bert. He is very sick. I am so sorry." 31st, "No rain. We had some Negroes and Indians from Hampton Collage today at church. David so lame in his face." AUGUST 7TH, "Charles took David to the bluff P.M. Charles and I went up home. It does not seem like home. No mother." 12th, "Mattie Leach had a young son born today. A terrible murder. Mr. and Mrs. Borden of Fall river killed." SEPTEMBER 4th, "Addie and I went to Port to hear Mr. Lamb P.M. David and I went to hear Mr. Pope of his trip to White Mountains. Very interesting." OCTOBER 5th, "We have had our fair, a perfect success. The first fair in town. Took 146 dollars. We are almost tired to death." NOVEMBER 8TH, "A lovely day. Mr. Hanson is in town. David choring around. Election day for President. I cleaned the chambers today." DECEMBER 7th, "Charles and Lucy and Edna come down to dinner and went to beach. Then we went to Mrs. Leach's funeral. Eve. we went to circle." 31st, "David went to Port, brought Addie home. The last day of another year. What changes this year has brought to me. If I live through this year, what is there in store for me. Last year I had a dear mother, now I have none. Who will leave me this year, some loved ones? I may go myself. There dear Lord, do as seemth. Good in thy sight." There are two pages torn in the back but they are just miscellaneous pages with scribbling on them. All of the handwritten diary and expense pages look good as does the binding and cover. The diary measures about 3" x 5". Overall G. 
Price: 2255.99 USD
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