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Welcome to the home of MBenjamin Katz, Fine Books/Rare Manuscripts. We pride ourselves on having a diverse and eclectic collection of historically significant handwritten manuscript books, diaries, journals and ephemera. We also have some of the rarest fine books anywhere online.


We have chosen to categorize our offerings in five main areas: Books, Manuscripts, Diaries, Judaica and Ephemera within the historical measure of the centuries. There is also a 'General Overview' button that will list all our items to allow you to browse through the store. We honour Emile Zola, the master of French literature and Naturalism with his own category in our store.


We recommend using the 'Keyword' and 'Description' searches for manuscript or ephemera items using significant terms that are important to your search. Please note: ours is a personal service so don't hesitate to fill out our off-line search form and we will search our off-line inventory as well as create a permanent 'wants' search for you. Or you can, at any time, email us at [email protected]. 


Thank you in advance for your consideration of our collection.


“To a man who deals with history, letters contemporary with the events he is studying are frequently valuable material. Accounts written later are usually coloured by the knowledge of what actually happened, and are distorted by later prejudices and legends. Wartime letters may be distorted too, admittedly, through the necessity of obeying wartime censorship regulations, and also because husbands and wives often wished to appear more cheerful than they actually were. But even the letters that are distorted badly convey an atmosphere, a mood, that is hard to recapture otherwise, and which is important when reconstructing a period; and sometimes they at least give clues that lead to the unearthing of forgotten facts.” C.S. Forester The Man in the Yellow Raft