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On offer is a handwritten treasure of Americana by this unidentified author who though semi-illiterate has a charming and colorful way of writing and keen skill of observation. She's outspoken, hard working and tender hearted especially when it comes to the many deaths the village experiences in 1887; the year this diary represents. Research finds that she lives in or around Fly Creek, New York. She mentions other places near there such as; Snowdon, Albany, Adams, Watertown, Litchfield, Whipple Hill, Mohawk, and Lawerance. A casual read suggest she's working at a boarding house or on a farm with a number of hands because of the amount of people they feed on and because she's always referring to the men in the house as "all the men." She alludes to her child but says the baby is better off with its grandmother. Her writing is so entertaining and a refreshingly unique observer of all around makes this a one of a kind manuscript of the times. Here are snippets quoted exactly how she writes: January 1st, "Some snow and blow. We had sparrib for dinner. I opened the bible for luck, openned to St. John 1st Chap and to Psalms 39 and 40. The day was not very happy. I was lonesom and homesick." January 15th, "Snow and wind. Mrs. Taylor is febel but she is viseting with Phebe the best she can. Mrs. Wilson has gone to help fire for Hannah utill they come home from funeral. Mr. Potts is beured to day." January 22nd, "Hard south wind. I done the cleaning got the dinner. Lew cand for me. I went home saw the baby. He is nice. I wish I could live with him but no, his Granma is best. I am glad she is." January 29th, "Pleasant, I made a lift cake, done the cleaning and cleaned the wood shed. O by the way we have a lamp to light evry night and it dose not distress the old lady one bit." February 9th, "Clear but windy. I put the rest of the close up, had more to wash. Had to hang some of them out doors. It was fun to see them whip and hear Mam Wilson fret the Dr. to day. If one could sell the Dr. and Will for what they think they are worth and have the money, it would be most of the world." February 28th, "Snow and blow. Mrs. Taylor is no better, fails all the time. I washed cleaned the kitchen washed the chairs, made a lift cake. Ritchard Dover, son and daughter came. He said Mrs. Druce was hung at eleven O. The doctor came. Harriet and I set up." [Casual online search into the Druce Case will find many links.] March 2nd, "Mrs. Taylor died at half past ten last night. I got up, got super for Will, Mrs. Leaning, Phebie, Harriet and self then we cared for the poor body and laid it in the parlor to rest then all went to bed." March 5th, "Pleasant but cold. The funeral today. A Mr. Templeton came from Watertown. A Neffew of Mrs. Taylor's, Rev. Mr. Ward attended. Hannah helpt to set dinner table. Had fifteen to dine. Mrs. Elderkin helpt set tea table. Twelve to tea. It is good by to Mrs. Taylor." March 10th, "We all of us picked over and tride to regulate the things so they will be right for the appriser. We get very tired. Will carried ____to town last evening. Tonight he found a calf." April 20th, "Got breakfast for seven. Done up the work, made five breads and got ready to go to town at nine o'clock. Went as a witness to prove Mrs. Taylor will. Back agan am as tired as I need be. Men gone but one….When the will was read some was glad and others was mad. One thing shure it was ill goten welth." April 27th, …..Any one that wants to see a men feel good just come and take a look at the men here, it will pay." "May 12th, I went up to Mr. Weldens to help them get dinner. The funeral was at one O'clock. I went to the grave with Mr. House and wife. Menzo's team went early to trim the grave." June 10th, "Very bright. Vira, Ella and Floyd go to tower to get his picture taken before the curls are cut off. Walter and I keept huse. I think so som." June 22nd, "The tin pedlar left, was gone fifteen minits then came back and staid the day and all night. Vira and Ella sew and do the work. Menzo and Lew work on the house." June 29th, "Vira, Floyd and Till went to town. Ella and I had the house to ourselvs. The little boys had a preasant of a mouth organ, eache had one. Spreading mortar is the work of the day. Not much to record except a shamefull roit (riot) at Martin Shaw. He kict and other ways illy treated a boy that worked for him." July 4th, "It is the 4 of July. Gene, Charly and Clarie go to celabrate. Ella washed, the men move the partition. It mabe a dirty time." August 15th, "Vira went to town fetched Mrs. Riply home with her stay a while to see if a chang of place will make her young. She is most eighty one. Flory has got a baby." September 2nd, "Vira went up to Mr. Sprague's this afternoon in the night she was taken with the cholery morbus and was very sick." September 9th, "The baby is very sick. The Dr. came twice then went after her in the night. Baby was so wild his Granma was fritened a bout him." October 4th, "Fair in morn. Rain in eve. It is set the tables for thirty nine and get evry thing ready for a large company. They came eight or more and fetched a present to those who could not come. Sent a present." October 25th, Ella and Claire went across the creek to get the ever greens to trim the grave. They and Gene carried them to Fly Creek. Menzo and Vira went to see Dora…..Gene, Ella, Clarie, Lew and I went to the funeral. There was a large concourse of people in attendance. They have carried Dorr away never to come back agan." November 9th, "Fair in morn. Rain in eve. Lew and Ella go to Laurance to attend the funeral. Mr. Mann was a soldier, he drew a pension. Has bin sick more than a year. Has bin a great sufferer." November 24th, "Hiram is very sick. It is medicine evry half hour and then every hour and a poltice once in four hours. I set up half of last night and all night to night. Sickness and poverty doth abound. Ask one to be thankfull. I think it is imposable." December 1st, "It is sad to record the fact. A mother of three young children is oblige to go in search of a husband and father that has bin four days on a drunk." G.; Manuscript; 24mo - over 5" - 5¾" tall; HANDWRITTEN, MANUSCRIPT, DOCUMENT, LETTER, AUTOGRAPH, KEEPSAKE, WRITER, HAND WRITTEN, DOCUMENTS, SIGNED, LETTERS, MANUSCRIPTS, HISTORICAL, HOLOGRAPH, WRITERS, AUTOGRAPHS, PERSONAL, MEMOIR, MEMORIAL, PERSONAL HISTORY, AMERICANA, ARCHIVE, NEW YORK, DIARY, DIARIES, ECONOMICS, NEW YORK, FLY CREEK, WESTERN NEW YORK, ANTIQUITÉ, CONTRAT, VÉLIN, MANUSCRIT, PAPIER ANTIKE, BRIEF, PERGAMENT, DOKUMENT, PRE SUFFRAGE, WOMEN'S STUDIES, FEMINISM,



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Publisher: FLY CREEK NEW YORK NY, 1887

Book Condition: Very Good

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