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On offer are two very intriguing English diaries for the years 1891 and 1892. There is little doubt that the author lives a life of privilege being a "well to do" family living in or actually on the outskirts of Exeter, Devon England. Research suggests the family lives in the small village of Rockbeare in a manor that once belonged to Lord Canterbury. While the 1891 diary is written by a Mrs. Jane Troup [formerly Jane Rose and identified through census records as she is otherwise unsigned]. Written in the front of the diary by another hand it appears is "Thomas Potts James". An extremely active life she says Mr. Troup travels and lectures quite a bit and this is also extra work and staff as our author is also in a wheel chair of some sort part or much of the time and it also appears she had troubles with the birth of her son. She talks about the baby and the nurse going everywhere with her and when she goes down to the garden she's taken by one of the servants in her "bath chair". The first diary, 1891, is full of handwritten entries save for 12 or so pages when she becomes sick and also plenty of entries in the back on the memoranda pages. The second diary, 1892, is only about ½ full and it is written by someone else in the household. Her is some online census info regarding the author et al: "Rockbeare House John Rose TROUP, born ca. 1850 in Bengal, East Indies, Profession/ occupation; "Own means", Frances B. TROUP, born ca. 1860 in Philadelphia, Pa, John R. TROUP, Jr., born ca. 1890 in Rockbeare, Rose Andrews, nurse, Susanne CLAMPET, cook, LUCY MILLS, housemaid, Henry HIGGS, butler, Thomas YANDLE, coachman. In the 1901 census, Frances B TROUP is living with her mother, Isabela JAMES, born in the U. S. at Offwell House in Offwell, Devon, England. Elms the trouble maker is Henry ELMS, a 50 year old farmer. Augustus R. PODMAN is Vicar of Rockbeare. Firhall was purchased by Captain Troup who married John Rose of Holmes daughter Jane. They had four sons all brought up at Firhall and all who entered the military service of the East India Company. Hugh retired as general; Colin became Brigadier-General; Robert had command of the 2nd Oude Local Infantry and Captain John Rose Troup married an Indian Lady of great wealth." Here are some snippets: 1891 "February 24th, Went to the station in the morning for Mr. Troup at the 11 o'clock train. Told him of all the Elm's (an old servant of theirs) trouble and he decided to go out after lunch and dismiss him surtainly which he did with Yendle as witness, forbidding him to come near our part. Mr. Turner quite decided and Elms found his match. We sent for a police man to see that Elms did not do any mischief but he went right into Exeter." "February 27th, A beautiful day. I walked down into the gardens and found it very warm. Yendle and Higgs were both there. Higgs said it was the first time he had been in it for 12 months and Yendle the 1st time he had walked round it for 49 years; when Lord Canterbury lived here and he came as a lad. Drove with Frances, Nurse and Baby to the station and to Mrs. Tollard's for clothes." "March 1st, Mrs. Clanfelt went to church in the morning. Nurse, Lucy and Yendle in the afternoon. Mr. Podmore preached all day about Elms wickedness to the great delight of the other servants." (She just hired a new gardener named Mark Quick) "March 20th, A bright sunny morning and I went down to the garden with Mr. Troup. The new gardener has made a great change in the greenhouse. It is well arranged and delightfully clean so that I could set down in it with comfort and there are many flowers in bloom. It looks very bright and pretty." "May 11th, A lovely day. Yendle went into Exeter to get champagne for me as the doctor says I must drink it. I walked outside the door when I at last got dressed and breathed the fresh air. Watched Zuck and Win doing the porch beds. Ceased the fires in my room, I hope for the summer. I wore a thinner dress." "May 21st, The man came out with the horse this morning and though the day seemed showery I thought I should get a drive this afternoon but at 3 o'clock it began to rain and though I sat in my bonnet for ½ an hour. I had at last to give up going out, which I have tried to do every day for a week without success. I have almost given up expecting better weather. F and I went into the trunk room for an hour, put away some things. Five in the evening in bedrooms and all day in dining room." "May 29th, I had a letter from Mr. Cann that Elms summons me to the Castle of Exeter on Thursday the 11th to answer for breaking my contract……" "June 26th, Another day with heavy rain in the morning but a bright afternoon. I went down to the garden in my bath chair. Anna Sparks sent baby a little musical chair. It is very pretty. We could not go to Exeter on account of the storm. Very heavy thunder showers yesterday in many parts of England doing great damage." "July 23rd, Had a statement of my _________ income at the guard and a draft of 194.18 pounds. They only charged me a half percent and Waskin's charged me 5 percent for nearly receiving the charges of my Cambridge and Boston property. I am glad our quarrel separated us. He would have made a good thing out of me." "August 28th, Another day of terrible showers. I felt good for nothing all day. Higgs went into Exeter to stay over night and Quick to buy a gun to go out with Mr. Troup at my expense. Had a fire in the outer hall, made immediately after lunch and sat by it. Dr. Lower came to see Mr. Troup who is still much out of sorts. Higgs took me down in the garden just after breakfast and before the showers began." "September 3rd, Today was rather fine but cold. Had three partridges cooked for dinner, they were excellent. Mrs. Troup and I went to Conn Alherton's garden party. St. Leonard's lawn is a charming place. Had a pleasant drive in and out. Called at the Drymond's as we went in. They had just returned from the Lakes. Saw the Addington's at the party, very few people from this side of Exeter and few clergymen. Had a fire in the drawing room." "September 29th, Did not go to drive as Yendle had to go after the clothes. Higgs took me down to the garden in the bath chair. My birthday present from Mr. Troup came today, a beautiful wolf skin rug to keep me warm in the carriage or chair." "October 7th, Better this morning. Wrote to Ella but went to bed with laryngitis cough and was kept in my room most of the time in bed until October 19th when I came down to dinner." (She doesn't write from Oct. 8th to the 19th while she's sick) "October 20th, They went with lady and nurse this morning as it was bright. I came downstairs into the old little dining room to which they moved last Saturday. It seems very pleasant to get down and have my bedroom cleaned. I am weak but fell much better. Dr. Somers had made me 8 visits and 6 or 7 bottles of medicine." "November 12th, Had a good room at the Rougemont in Exeter last night. Had good seats, play interesting. Coffee, tea and cake served between the acts. We did not take any. I shall another time. Went shopping and then to the flower show. Cann took me in before it was open." "November 16th, I did not go out but lay on the couch and visited for the journey home. Carriage came for us at 4. Nurse and some baggage went in the train and got here soon after we did. Smith brought her over in his trap. I should have felt better had it not been for this tomaloe' beef I ate Saturday which disturbed my bowls. Went to the garden in my chair." "November 17th, Glad on the whole to get home. Annie had done no end of work while we were away. She is a treasure and waits on me most faithfully. Keeping me in bed mornings and bringing up my breakfast. She put away some of my things and got xmas presents for most of the servants." (Curiously the 1892 diary is that fact that when she talks about her two children she calls one of them Alfred and one "Boy" or "dirty creature".) 1892 "February 29th, Amy went with papa and Constance in the afternoon to see the children's costume ball at Walter's. She was out with Constance and Richard in the morning. Mammie out with Alfred in the garden in the morning." "August 3rd, For two days I have put Alfred to bed without rocking him. Today he rebelled but I gained the victory in the end. He slept very well at night but woke up 4:15 and did not sleep afterwards but he is very good today. We all went up to the woods this morning. Boy fell off the bed but did not bruise himself. I think he fell on the pillow and then rolled off." "August 13th, Both boys well and happy. Alfred slept until 7:15. He is improving slowly I think. Boy likes playing with the postman's ____. He always calls him "dirty creature" because I said he was so at first." Many names are mentioned: "Capt. Lionel Banon, Dickinson, Polard, Sanders, Drew, Emily Goddard, Burne, Clampit, Anna Sparks, Kerr, Maxwell, Dymond, Lord and Lady Dunboyne, Lady Malcolm, Gibbs, Daw," and more. Each of the diaries measures about 4 ½" x 7 ¼" and the blue one has a stained cover and the red cover has completely fallen away from the pages but the text block is together and the cover is accounted for. G.; Manuscript; 12mo - over 6¾" - 7¾" tall; WOMEN STUDIES, PRE SUFFRAGE, GENDER STUDIES, BLUE BLOOD, EAST INDIA COMPANY, BRITISH, GREAT BRITAIN, Hand Written, Personal, Memoir, Handwritten, hand written, autograph, autographs, signed, letters, document, documents, manuscript, manuscripts, writers, writer, author, holograph, Travel, personal, Americana,antiquité, contrat, vélin, document, manuscrit, papier Antike, Brief, Pergament, Dokument, Manuskript, Papier oggetto d'antiquariato, atto, velina, documento, manoscritto, carta antigüedad, hecho, vitela, documento, manuscrito, Papel, GENEALOGY,


Author Name: MRS. JANE TROUP [nee ROSE]

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