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On offer is an original 1913 handwritten manuscript diary by Edward E. Avery who lived in and around East Lynn Massachusetts mentioning frequent trips to Swampscott, East Lynn, Boston, Salem and Olympia. This is a very interesting look at a pre World War I American male as he passes his days dating, drinking, bowling and hanging out with his pals. While he initially begins the year seeming a placid fellow as the weather warms so does his temperament as he has a scrap or two with his pals and he has plenty of girl trouble and not only trouble between different girl friends but also with their parents. His very last sentence for the year on December 31st seems to sum it all up: "I suppose there will be trouble now for we were almost caught tonight." While we are uncertain of his age [though most certainly a young man 20-25 we approximate] or profession, here are snippets that will enlighten: 1913 "Janaury15th, Cold in a.m. Warmed up and rained a little in the evening. Tonight I meet G. F. at 7:15. We took the 7:30 train for Salem. Went into the Empire Theatre to see "The Easiest Way." It was a great play and played by a good company. The 11:09 was twenty minutes late so we didn't get home until 12. I won't see her again until Sat. evening. None of the fellows up to the house have been near me except Stewart and he came down Sunday because I asked him to so as to pay him what I owed him." "January 19th, Clear and very warm for this time of year. I didn't get up until noon. I read all the p.m. Went across the street and engaged board then met G. F. We went to the Chinese restaurant and had supper. She came up in the room until 9:30. I don't know but I guess she thinks I am slow, well I am not that kind of a fellow and she will find out so when she knows me better. I wrote a letter home, one to New Mexico. My sister comes tomorrow. Cut out cigarettes today for some time. I don't know how long it will last." "February 16th, I didn't get up until 10:30. Wrote a letter home, one to N.M. Went out and had dinner. Down to Peaves. Went up with Jammie F. to his room at 4. We came up in the square and picked up a couple of girls from Salem. I left them and met G. F. at 6:15. She came down to the room and stayed until 10. I have her guessing for fair but I am sick of girls and all that goes with them. It is a damn nescience to be bothering around with them. Went in Hunt's and had supper at 12 o'clock. I think I will get married." "March 1st, Nothing goes right and I am always wrong. I try to do what is right and am always taken as bad. I think I will get out of Lynn before long but what's the use." "March 2nd, ……I have been fighting depression. I don't know. I don't seem to find joy in anything or something. I wonder why I ever was born. I suppose life is what we make it but I can't make myself happy. Something seems to be plucking love!" "April 17th, Fair. Left Lynn at 9:15. Dinner at Portsmouth at Ham's. Won't serve any beer, said we were drunk. Got ditched twice……" "April 24th, Down to Auditorium tonight with G. F. and Mr. and Mrs. Denton. Came home. Fellow was going to murder a girl on Broad St. Some excitement for a time. 11:30." "May 9th, In shop most of day. Tonight G. F. was down to room. We had a little falling out. She was mad because a girl called me up and drove because Rich is going to meet her tomorrow night. If she wants to see me again she is to call me up. I shall never call her. She is altogether too mean for me. She doesn't like any of my friends and everything I do is wrong. A hell of a lot I am….." "May 30th, & 31st, Left Lynn at 8:15 for Centerville, Cape Cod. Had a blow out before we got to Point of Pines. 45 minutes to change shoe. Cape at 2.…Out fishing at 7:30. Over to Hyannis to Dennis this p.m. toyed around until 10:15. Bed." "July 29th, Met V.G. tonight. Over to band concert on High Rock. Came home. She said she was willing to marry me…." "August 14th, Took Misses down to Swampscott. Up to V.C's Up canoeing. Home. Had a nightcap. Tried out V.C. Nothing doing. She is as good as gold. Her sisters are always picking on her. I am going to have a talk with her mother." "August 28th, Home. Drunk tonight. Louis and Jim took care of me. Louis and I went over to Nahant and got a quart. Took Miss Hyde and Polly over. Broke shifting lever." "September 22nd, ……Called up V.C. at 9:30. Talked until 12:30. All we did was scamp. She got sore over nothing and I helped it along. I wert sore but she thinks I am. Nothing doing. I love her too much but I do like to kid her, poor child." "October 8th, Didn't work today. Out a little while this p.m. Up to V.C's tonight. Some one told Olive that I told them V.C. was up to my room last night. They are all mad with me up there except V.C. The poor kid. I have only made life hard and miserable for her ever since we met. I am wrong for I have always tried to be on the square with her that is more than I ever did for anyone else. But from now on I shall cut Guy Roberts and Jim Delong off my list of friends." "October 10th, Went to work at seven. Bors told me I was to go with him to the Mts. All my troubles seem to come in a bunch. I guess I have lost V.C. I can't loose her. I had about as soon die as to loose her. Her sisters are all to blame. I may be better off without any girl but I never before loved as I do her. Why don't she call me up? Olive said she would as soon as she got home. It is now 11:15. Surely she is home by now." "October 14th, Snow about 2 inches. Something seldom heard of. Well I am back in Lynn but I guess I shall love V.C. I meet her tonight and her mother has given her the choice of school or me. If I love her it won't be for long because I can't give her up and I think she love me too. We drove about all the way in snow." "November 24th, Had card from G. D. F. today saying she was in Lynn. Didn't see V.C. or haven't heard from her tonight. She may call me up later. I was down and bowled a couple of lines tonight. I am in a bad box now. I don't know how to work it. G. F. wants me back and I don't want to go. The game will be hard and V.C. will have to help me but we can win with all she can say." "November 29th, ……Met V.C. at 9:30. She wants me to leave her for a month to show her mother that she doesn't care for me or something. I couldn't just get it. Anyway she has changed her mind over. Why can't we get along without so much trouble? First one then the other. Will it ever end? It has been going on almost from the day I met her." "December 31st, …..Met V.C. Put car in Essex. She and I came up here. Both went to sleep woke up at 11:30. Down to commons to concert. Took her home in car. Left her at 1. Doron got Boss at 2. Home at 2:15. V. is sick. I can't find out what is the matter with her. I don't want her to get sick. It is hard enough now as it is. I suppose there will be trouble now for we were almost caught tonight." There is so much more to this diary. He writes for every day of the year and since this is a "page a day" diary, his entries are usually quite long. And as with most diaries, lots of names are mentioned some of which are; Gertrude French, Phillips, Mae Perry, Al Mitchell, Lucy Dixon, Dearborn, Guy Roberts, Fred Woodward, Denton, Hastings, Hubbard, and more. The diary is in good condition and measures about 4" x 7". ; Manuscript; 12mo - over 6¾" - 7¾" tall; MASSACHUSETTS, DRINKING, ALCHOLISM, DRUNKENNESS, GENDER STUDIES, PRE PROHIBITION, PRE WORLD WAR I, PRE WWI, HANDWRITTEN, MANUSCRIPT, DOCUMENT, LETTER, AUTOGRAPH, KEEPSAKE, WRITER, HAND WRITTEN, DOCUMENTS, SIGNED, LETTERS, MANUSCRIPTS, HISTORICAL, HOLOGRAPH, WRITERS, AUTOGRAPHS, PERSONAL, MEMOIR, MEMORIAL, PERSONAL HISTORY, AMERICANA, ALS, ARCHIVE, DIARY, DIARIES, CIVIL WAR ERA, WAR BETWEEN THE STATES, ANTIQUITÉ, CONTRAT, VÉLIN, MANUSCRIT, PAPIER ANTIKE, BRIEF, PERGAMENT, DOKUMENT, GENEALOGY, antiquité, contrat, vélin, document, manuscrit, papier Antike, Brief, Pergament, Dokument, Manuskript, Papier oggetto d'antiquariato, atto, velina, documento, manoscritto, carta antigüedad, hecho, vitela, documento, manuscrito,


Author Name: EDWARD E. AVERY

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Book Condition: Good

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