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On offer is the fascinating, original 1936 - 1939 manuscript journal of Police Detective Albert Shedlock. This handwritten journal details the cases and inner thoughts of the Albert over 138 pages for nearly three and a half years. While he has not identified himself in the book there are a number [11] of ephemeral pieces within the book that clearly prove his authorship. Collectors and historians in the Braddock, Swissvale, Rankin, Homestead or Turtle Creek suburban areas of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania or lovers of law enforcement and true crime relics will delight in this journal. Detective Shedlock is a busy man. There are cases involving murder [quite a few], robbery, liquor violations, perjury, lottery rings, arson, gambling houses, hit and runs, missing persons, stabbings, abandonment, stolen cars, runaways, practicing medicine without license, drunk driving, jail escape, train accidents, slot machines, suicide, rape, manslaughter, road houses, bail jumping, government warehouse robberies, fornication, dog bites, stake outs, bank hold-ups, re-enactment of murder scenes, prostitution, "number pools" abortion and more. [One of the toughest to read is about a young woman who died from her abortion and the Doctor was on trial]. There was also a case where they had to dig up a grave to get the identity of a young man who was killed 10 years earlier. Here are snippets: 1936 "February 4th, Office duty and at Rankin investigation. 102 Miller St. with Chief Jordan and Dep. Coroner Spitzer. Following victims were found in home. Dominic Fusco 52, Marie Fusco 40, parents and following children; Salvatore 20, Lawrence 16, Elvera 14. All were removed to Brad. Hospital and pronounced dead. Marie age 18 also taken there in very bad condition. Dr. Hempler pronounced them all dead. Bodies of deceased were removed to County morgue and cause of death was carbon monoxide. Bodies were found at 4:20 p.m. by Joe Fusco and Angeline Fusco. They came to call on the Fusco's and seen bodies lying on floor. They broke window on door to gain entrance. Coroners office blood test. Showed death caused by Carbon Monoxide." "May 10th, With Carmichael at East Pgh. (I believe he means Pittsburgh). Investigating complaint. At home of Mrs. Anna Novak 823 Dynamo Way. Reported selling moon shine. No violation. Also at 649 Braddock Ave. Kracker Hotel. Reported selling on Sunday. Place was closed could not get in. Visited both places at 8 p.m." "May 24th & 25th, With Carmichael on stabbing case in Braddock. Peter Witkowski, 926 Talbot Ave. Braddock. Witkowski identified Solomon Carnailla 304 Dixon St. Homestead as man who did stabbing. Identification was made in Braddock Hospital….With Carmichael and Butla at Braddock Hospital on above case. Identification made this date. Also interviewed Paul Bana 1206 Pine Way Braddock. Also in Braddock Hospital. Both were wounded in a free for all fight in front of hotel at 3:15, 11th St. Braddock……" "May 28th, In Braddock and Forest Hills with Mrs. Krysted searching for her daughter who is missing from home. She left for Dunkirk N.Y. with family by name of Hawley who she is working for." "May 31st, With Chief Dubon investigating shooting N. Braddock. Antonio Volpe 633 Parkview Ave. shot his wife, Sarah. Shooting took place at above address, Sunday morning about 3:15 a.m. D. S. T. interviewed Mrs. Volpe at Braddock Hospital stated her husband came home about 3 a.m. intoxicated and she told him to get in to bed. He took a gun out of dresser drawer and shot her. Shot struck her on right side of body just over hip. Her daughter, Mary, age 3, was in same room. Hospital reported her condition as fair. Interviewed Volpe at N. Braddock police station he stated he came home and was drunk and does not know what happened after shooting he left and went to home of Frank Barbusio and he stated Volpe had come to his home at 4 a.m. and stated as above. Mary Volpe, daughter, made same statement as her mother. Volpe after shooting left home. He threw gun over on Penna. R.R. where it was recovered by N. Braddock Police. Bullet that struck Mrs. Volpe went through her body and through window. It was found outside by Mrs. Fusco next door neighbor and turned over to N. Braddock Police." "September 5th, With Geisler and Barnett at Sygan N. Fayette Twp. On stick up of J. E. Nebraski, manager of National Mining Co. There store stuck up about 10:30 a.m. on Millee Rd. Robbed of about $458. Nebraski was returning from bank when 2 men stepped out on road and flagged him down. One of them put a gun on him and both got in car. Drove him out in country about three miles where they went through him, tied him up, his hands in back of him with his neck tie and drove off with his auto, a Chrysler Sedan, 1936 model. Gun medal color. Li. # 77A81. Description of men given by Nebraski. # 1 man age about 45, Height 5 ft. 4 in. Wt. about 148. Comp. med. Hair black, wore……." "December 17th, In office having bench warrant made up to sent to West. Va for James Madden wanted for this office. Also in Rankin on Greenburg drug store case. Vincent Markowitz a suspect. Searched his shanty, found none of stolen merchandise. Shanty is located in Swisshelm's Hollow." 1937 "January 18th, With Carmichael investigating shooting in Rankin Sat. night Jan. 17th. Between 10 & 11 o'clock at home of James Murphy 24. Orchard Alley. Murphy shot Loggie Morris Raleigh St. #1855. Pittsburg Pa. Murphy and Morris are married to same woman. Argument started over Morris visiting his children. Morris in Braddock Hosp. with a 22 cal. Wound in abdomen. Miss Allie Murphy the wife and her son only witnesses. Took statements from both Mr. and Mrs. Murphy. Had them mugged and finger prints taken. Also interviewed Morris in hospital. He stated that he did not known why he was shot. He was standing down stairs and Murphy was up stairs. Also in Swissvale on stick up of Abe Sussiman Drug Store 2340 Woodstock Ave. Swissvale." "March 19th, In Braddock Twp. Vetern's Club. Complaint slot machines found no violations. Also in Forrest Hills Boro. on auto killing of J.A. Shedlock by Rev. Francis Messinger. Interviewed following witnesses……." "April 5th, In North Braddock having petitions signed to have Anna Krivjanik 901 6th, N. Braddock committed to Morganza. She was charged with fornication. She was prosecuted in case of Ross Wright (colored), charged with F & B. he pled guilty before Judge Gray and was sentenced 1 year workhouse, 20 miles." "April 16th, In Braddock with Carmichael. Went to Cor. of 8th and Braddock Ave. Second floor. A pool room is going to be opened there by man named Guy Cisco. Notified his employees regarding gambling. Stated we would raid place first if they attempted it. Also patrolled in Swissvale." "April 26th & 27th, Notified Warden McNeil to get in touch with this office before releasing King. He was sentenced 10 day to County jail by Sq. House. Braddock for riding freight trains…..Had above James King out of jail and he confessed his right name is J. B. Berry and is escaped from Kilby Prison Montgomery Ala. Wired above prison and they are sending agents to return him." "May 16th, Received call from Teletype operator. McVicker to go to Braddock hospital to investigate attack on a woman in Rankin. Learned that Mrs. Mary Fowler 26 Station St. Rankin, sister of Burgess Tierney of Rankin was attacked in the Rankin Municipal Park. She stated that she left her sister home on Patterson Ave. about 9:10 p.m. As she arrived about 150 feet from sidewalk on Kema__Ave. She was attacked by a colored man. She was raped about six times, beaten and kept prisoner for about 3 hrs. She arrived home about 12:45 a.m……." "September 29th, With Carmichael in Wilkinsburgh. Interviewed Janet Patterson at Pen Lincoln Hotel in regards to knowing a girl friend of Harry Mc Masters. Also in McKeesport. Tried to pick up William Richards on rape charge of Olga Miller. Also in Braddock Twp. on robbery of Rock Bottom Pool." "October 26th, With Carmichael and Charles Butler, Braddock. Investigate murder case in Braddock. William Goss (colored) of 638 Talbot Ave. age 45 and Flora Pankey (colored) same address. Pankey woman struck Goss with a glass candle stick. He was struck on neck. He was taken to Braddock Hospital where he died at 1:20 a.m. We made search for Pankey woman but could not locate her. At night with detail. Went to Homestead and raided Tacoma Club at 347 E. 8th Ave. No prisoners." "November 5th, With Carmichael investigating complaint in Braddock. Went to home of Mrs. Kate Stanley 524 Tallot Ave. said to be performing abortions in her place, found no violations. Also in Grand Jury on Robert Clyma case, Homestead." "December 1st, Night duty with Barnett at 11:30 with chief coroners, Carmichael, Foster, Caby and Laughlin. Went to Ross. Twp. to raid sporting house at 4717 Perryville Ave. in a hotel on second floor. We found Egnazia Biondo and following girls; Joe Ann Smith, Mildred Kelly, June Stevens, Jean Larkins. All were brought into office and put in jail. All above were given hearing by Sq. Timmons and held for court." "December 4th, Called by Etna police about shooting. Went to St. Francis Hospital at 4:30 a.m. and learned that Gladys Cook age 31 of 108 Locust St. Etna had shot herself. Husband Frederick Cook stated she had been sick and threatened to shoot herself. He stated he owned a gun and hid same after she made above threat. Mrs. Cook in presence of Dr. A. H. Jacobs and nurse Pauline Manesterski stated she had got out of bed three times before she found gun. Stated she put two bullets in gun and shot herself. Gun a 32-Iver Johnson #50704 was turned over to us by Chief Cushay. Same turned over to Sidenstruckes. Husband, Mr. Cook, came in to office and made statement." "December 14th, With Drexler and Laurent in West Pen. to take statement and confession from Anthony Romoska prisoner there. He confessed to murder of David Sturtz in Brad. Tw. Dec. 3, 1929 and to murder of Pat Craig at Orecola ____Clearfield County about Nov. 1929. Also implicated Steve Moebon and John Mikser or Mixer. Both of Williamsburg (?). At night with Ch. Holden and Sentee and Wlusani. Worked on the case. We learned that Moebon is in pen in Boston Mass. Mikser is reported to be working for Zenith Carbonator Co. at Detroit Mich." "December 20th, With Mr. Park, Chief coroner Carmichael, Ritz, State policeman Millen and Pen. Guard Mc Cune and Romoska went to scene of Craig murder and had Romoska try and point out more definite location of Craig burial and stopped on Yost Blvd. and tried to pick out location of Sturtz murder. We then returned to office and took out John Mikser out of Co. jail. We had he and Romoska meet in D. A. Park's office and he admitted he was with Romoska and Steve Moebon when Sturtz and Craig were killed. He stated he took no part in killing. We then took he and Romoska and some detail and returned over some route as we had Romoska in first trip alone. With above detail in a.m. before returning Romoska to office we had him in St. Josephs Cemetery. Here Romoska pointed out location where they had left auto taken from Craig and where auto plates were thrown. We also interviewed a Mr. Lovett, caretaker of cemetery and he informed us he had found Craig's auto and reported it to Pgh. Police. Auto was towed in to garage of C. J. McBride and returned to Craig family. Mr. Lovett stated that Benjamin James, a grave digger, had seen man drive auto down to cemetery and walk back. We returned to office and statement and confession was taken from Romoska and Mikser by Mr. A. J. Park. Romoska was returned to Western Penn and Mikser to Co. jail." "December 22nd, With Carmichael and Ritz at above location at 1:30 p.m. body was recovered by Mike Blagovich at 101 John St. and Jos. Fisher Box 79 Linbart Pa. We notified Chief coroner and he came out to scene with Mr. Park. Det. McCready took pictures of remains and body was removed by Dep. Jackson, dep. Cor. We shoveled all earth around grave in to a large canvass and same was taken by county trunk to be delivered to Det. Bureau where it will be dried and sifted for further articles of identification. A belt, a hat band and other articles found in grave were brought in to office. On return to office we stopped at home of Mr. Craig and he identified belt buckle at home of Craig. Mr. Park and chief coroner and Carmichael were present at identification." 1938 "January 21st, In Rankin investigating complaint of Alex Milligan 707 McMasters Ave. Turtle Creek. Reported his girl friend molested in Rankin Jan. 18th, 1838. Gave following description of man, age 35, 5 ft. 6 in. wore brown suit. Found no one. Not reported to Rankin police." "March 3rd, Investigation on abortion case of Esther Eggers, age 23 of 1516 Froman St. N. S. Pgh. Interviewed her mother and father. They stated she complained on Jan. 6th about being sick and she told them she was being treated by Dr. A. F. P. Huston 1404 Federal St. Pgh. They also stated that Herman Broesmite 2117 Eggers Ave. N. S. Pgh. came to them and asked for permission to place their daughter in private room to which they consented. He paid $51.50 on hospital bill. She died in the homeopathic hospital Jan. 22, 1938. Also interviewed Dr. Huston and he stated Miss Egger called at his office on Jan. 6-8-11 and called at her house Jan. 12, 1938. He ordered her sent to hospital. He stated she complained to him of stomach trouble and constipation. He never give her an examination and only learned of the abortion after she was in hospital. Also in Columbia Hospital investigating robbery and assault on Thomas Ireland, Bodi Road. He claimed he was beaten and robbed of $70 cash. He stated he was in a beer garden near Penn and Highland Ave. drinking and two men offered to take him home and all he remembered was when he was taken to hospital." "March 14th, Went to morgue found that body of man found on B & O had been identified as Stanley Wojtoizek. No home. Has been separated from wife 6 years. Her address is 5634 Herbert Way, Hazelwood Pgh. Pa. Interviewed Mr. Dix B & O R.R. Cains Div. will investigate." "July 5th, Investigating robbery of office Gravity Fill Gas Co. 39 Braddock Braddock. Miss Bertha Hasbach employee on her way to bank to deposit receipts for 65. Was struck in face and cash box containing $2000.00 was taken from her. Car used in robbery was a 1938 Chrysler Sedan Penna. Lic. # 7823L owned by Barney Cost employed at Littman Garage, Corey and Brad. Ave. Braddock. This auto was stolen from Corey Ave. this date. After stick up, auto was followed by a truck owned by James Bonacci, 264 Fleet St. Rankin. Riding with him was Thomas Williams 216 1st Braddock. Car went west on Brad. Ave. turned North on Fleet St. then went on N. Holland Ave. to second St. Brad." There are hundreds of names mentioned: George Huff, Marie Moran, George and Mike Tomosky, Olga Miller, Haggerty, Walter J. Gibson, Ortiga, hamlet Yancey, James Williamson, Howard Boyle, Judge Waycoff, Will Whitburger, Martin Fink, Victor Antonarino, Guy Devingilio, Charles McDowell, Dep. Coroner Spitzer, Chief Jordan, Alexander Weinberger, John Logan, Carmichael, Squire Paelak, Robert Edge, Dermott, William Emerick, John McCracken, Walter Miller, Chief Dyer, Chief Ritz, Mary and Helen Hofta, Goldberg, Pinkerton Detective Agency, Vincent Markowitz, Gailey, John Chermonitz, Kessler +++. The ephemera includes typed and handwritten items regarding other cases and statements taken about an auto accident. The journal measures about 8 ¼" x 10 ¼" and is VG.; 4to - over 9¾" - 12" tall; LAW ENFORCEMENT, CASES, RAPE, MURDER, ASSAULT, PRISON ESCAPES, POLICE, DETECTIVES, BRADDOCK RANKIN TURTLE CREEK PITTSBURGH, PITTSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA, HANDWRITTEN, MANUSCRIPT, DOCUMENT, LETTER, AUTOGRAPH, DIARY, JOURNAL, LOG, KEEPSAKE, WRITER, HAND WRITTEN, DOCUMENTS, SIGNED, LETTERS, MANUSCRIPTS, HISTORICAL, HOLOGRAPH, WRITERS, DIARIES, JOURNALS, LOGS, AUTOGRAPHS, PERSONAL, MEMOIR, MEMORIAL, PERSONAL HISTORY



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