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On offer are two [2] original manuscript World War II RCAF diaries handwritten by T.J.F. Cross of the RCAF 423 Squadron. These diaries are uncommon in a number of ways: T.J.F. Cross was both an Airman as well as a Flight Mechanic; his Squadron flew in coastal patrols of the British Channel in the famed Sunderland Flying Boats whose responsibilities were numerous: missions in search of crews in the water, searching for U-Boat submarines, or dropping bombs, etc. etc. The son of Cross once stated: "Dad was an Airman, not a Pilot. He flew shore patrol in the British Channel in Sunderlands (Flying Boats)…..[the son knew of] a miraculous event he experienced when their Sunderland went down in the stormy Channel. They jettisoned their Load of depth Charges and then the Pilot was able to take-off from the turbulent Sea by riding the Plane along a wave until they were airborne. When they landed they found that the wings had been twisted by the force of the water such that they said that the Plane should not have been able to Fly!" That particular Mission is noted in the 1942 Diary on Wednesday September 23rd, 1942." Here are snippets: 1942 RAF Blackpool Lanchester: January 7th: Worked on kite all day. "A" cracked up on take-off this morning. Couldn't get up flying speed so pilot retracted undercarriage and came down on belly. January 17th: "L" crashed in sea. Squadron Leader Keddy (Canadian) pilot lost. Only two men of crew of six of "L" picked up. February 25th: Paraded at 7:30am. Went to school in the afternoon. Learned stress and strain and draughting. April 16th: Started in third week of metal repairs today. Making patch repair on tubular Hurricane fuselage. August 4th: Jack and I were interviewed by C.O. about flight engineer. I'm trying to get flight rigger. September 5th: We launched "D" at 4:00pm. Johnny Wharton (pilot), Lofty Ryder (rigger) and myself stayed on board until 7:30pm. September 17th: Up at 0330 hrs. Took off at 0600 on air sea rescue. Four men from a Hudson that crashed about 300 miles out in the Atlantic. Looked for them for over six hours but couldn't find them. Landed at Oban again at 5:30pm. September 23rd: Rain. On board at 9-30. Took off at 11-25. Met convoy in North Atlantic. A little excitement over a box in sea. We forced landed on sea at 7-10. Two port engines quit. Rough sea and I was sick. Took off at 8:00pm. In Oban 9-30. "B" pretty badly battered. September 24th: Went to Dungallon at 1000 hrs. Investigation about "B". Went aboard and cleaned up in afternoon. Flight Commander inspected the damage. September 30th: Took my logbook to Dungallon. We're flying "B" to South Hampton. Took off at 1430. Flew down west coast. No guns in turrets. I done mid upper turret watch. Flap motor burned up. Landed at Pembroke Doch Wales. November 14th: Up at 0400 hrs. Off at 0605 hrs. We're on anti-sub patrol and looking for dingy. I done two watched in mid-upper and one in front. Mistook whale for sub, bags of panic. Fired at whale. I fired U.G.O. in front turret. Landed at Pembroke Doch at 1655. November 16th: On board at 0900 hrs. Took off at 1040 hrs. We saw two subs and heavy cruiser, they were all ours. November 21st: Cloudy. Went on board at 1000 hrs. Took off at 1110 hrs. We went after a life boat with about fourteen people in it. Contacted them o.k. We directed a destroyer to them and it picked them up at 2000 hrs. "D" attacked by Junkers 88. Came out o.k. November 23rd: On anti-submarine patrol 600 miles out in Atlantic and straight back. Didn't see a thing. November 27th: On anti-sub patrol, but bad weather. So just straight out and back. Done three turret watches, two in front and one in mid-upper. Fired U.G.O. at flame float. November 30th: On convoy escort. Took off at 0345 hrs. Sighted convoy o.k., 65 ships southbound. I sighted a water spout and thought it was a sub. I fired mid-upper guns at white caps. I cleared four stoppages. December 29th: Cold, windy, snow. Take off at 0445 hrs. We were out 2 hrs. (approximately 300 miles). When starboard inner started to miss and backfire so we came back. Only out 4 hrs. 1943 Blackpool Lanchester: January 11th: Took off at 1350 on air test. We flew to Donegal Bay and dropped four depth charges. Very rough today. New 2nd pilot on board so ropey landing. One civilian drowned at "P" when barge turned over. January 13th: Up at 0400 hrs. Take off at 0600. On anti-sub sweep. "F" running swell. Saw barrage balloon about four hours out. Must be attached to some ship that was sunk. Done four hours in front turret. All kinds of weather today sun, rain, sleet and snow. We were 150 miles south of Iceland. January 27th: Called at 0600 hrs. Take off at 0745 hrs. Got airborne when port outer engine quit. Linkage of throttle control came off. Managed to get back alright but nearly crashed into island. February 27th: Reported to Flight Commander. I'm still flying with F/O Howell. March 3rd: Reported to work in rigger's shop. Went out to "F" and got my mae west and helmet. Turned all my flying kit into stores. Went out to "H", she's got a hole in her keel. Helped Corp. Norton and F/O Whitbeck put plastercine on hull. March 15th: Went to work at 1330 and worked on "F" all afternoon. 201 Squadron pranged a sub yesterday. March 19th: Our "E" pranged a sub today and a boat of 228 Sqdn. attacked one. March 20th: My old kite "F" attacked two subs today and our "H" sighted another. April 15th: Down to crew room at 0900 hrs. Went out and done d.i. on "J" and "G". "G" supposed to swing compass but didn't. Out to "J" at 1400 hrs. Take off at 1410 on local bombing. Dropped about 40 bombs. Hewitt of 201 Squadron committed suicide over Donegal Bay by jumping out of aircraft. May 6th: Took off at 1450. Weather clear. We're on anti-sub patrol around the Queen Mary. She was escorted by one cruiser, one carrier and three destroyers. She was really moving, going in a westerly direction at about 15 knots. July 22nd: Went to early tea because our "J" for Jesus shot up by Focke Wolf Condor over Bay of Biscay. Worked til 2130 getting her up slip. Tail gunner Sgt. Sullivan got slivers and shrapnel in his face and Second Pilot hurt in shoulder and leg. Kite has common shell holes in hull, wings, cockpit, and float. Leaking pretty bad. I got piece of shell out of bilge. F/Lt. Musgrave Captain. They sure were lucky to get out alive. October 20th: Arrived in London 1330 hrs. Had dinner at Beaver Club and then went to Lou's. Air raid "alert" at 0100 hrs. tonight. "All clear" went 1:30am. Bombs dropped somewhere on London. November 12th: Our "D" crashed while landing in a flare path last night. One man trapped inside when she sank. Three drowned and one was F/O Hill. Another man died in hospital from skull fracture. Fl./Lt. Lee (Skipper) o.k. November 13th: "J" went down with engine trouble 2 hrs. from base just outside Donegal Bay. Kites from here on search, but no signs of survivors. December 27th: 26,000 ton German battleship "Scharnehorst" sunk off coast of Norway by our battleships. We've been after her a long while too." Included, is the Airman's Pay Book with entries from 1943. Overall G+.; Manuscript; 12mo - over 6¾" - 7¾" tall; CANADIANA, RCAF, RAF, ROYAL CANADIAN AIR FORCE, SUNDERLAND FLYING BOATS, WWII, WORLD WAR II, HANDWRITTEN, MANUSCRIPT, DOCUMENT, LETTER, AUTOGRAPH, DIARY, JOURNAL, LOG, KEEPSAKE, WRITER, HAND WRITTEN, DOCUMENTS, SIGNED, LETTERS, MANUSCRIPTS, HISTORICAL, HOLOGRAPH, WRITERS, DIARIES, JOURNALS, LOGS, AUTOGRAPHS, PERSONAL, MEMOIR, MEMORIAL, PERSONAL HISTORY,antiquité, contrat, vélin, document, manuscrit, papier Antike, Brief, Pergament, Dokument, Manuskript, Papier oggetto d'antiquariato, atto, velina, documento, manoscritto, carta antigüedad, hecho, vitela, documento, manuscrito, Papel


Author Name: T.J.F. CROSS

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