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On offer is the original 1900 manuscript diary handwritten by a woman in or around Berkshire County Massachusetts with many mentions of trips to Sheffield, Stockbridge, Hillsdale, Ashley Falls, Housantonic etc., and while the author's name is not mentioned we believe she is a member of Higgins family given the frequent and method of mentioning of contacts. The author celebrates her 13 year wedding anniversary on March 3rd. From her entries we learn that she raises canaries, has a very difficult time keeping warm in her home, spends time at their cottage, attends lawn parties and band concerts, and one very interesting entry she talks about how they "were up so much last night with the Negroes" that they slept all the next day. Here are some more snippets: "January 26th, A fierce nor western blew all day and all night. I churned and the rest of the time tried to keep warm. It was a fearful night. I scarcely kept warm in bed in a warm room. All home. Leroy Tobey has a daughter born." "February 11th, Variable, somewhat cloudy. Fred's lame side is pretty bad so he went up to see the Dr. Jury in Moline case brought in a verdict of guilty of murder in first degree. I still believe him innocent. The district attorney's attack on his poor wife is an insult to American woman kind." "February 14th, Quite a nice day after the rain. Mrs. Hayes, Mrs. Case and Wallace were over here early in the morning. They have more of a flood then we. Johnny and I were over there in the p.m. The fair grounds are all under water." "March 14th & 15th, A lovely day and quite warm. I baked and swept and did more than usual because we are going to Ashley Falls tomorrow. I felt quite tired at night but I retired early as we all did….Cloudy. Not very pleasant but very chilly. We went down to Arthur's on the morning train. Thot we'd get home by six p.m. but we waited almost an hour to get up steam. They believe in increasing and multiplying down there I would think." "April 9th, Nice day but very cold. I sent word to Mrs. Derry that I could not let out my fire so for her not to come this week. I whitewashed the two bedrooms today. Johnnie was Celie's shadow all day." "May 11th, Clear and warmer. I started a coal fire in the sitting room again this morning. We have one little canary bird hatched this morning. I hope we will have good luck with them. V. went to a show up street." "May 21st, Quite clear and cool. I had a fire in the sitting room stove nearly all the forenoon. Our little birds died today. One this morning and the other tonight so we are through with that venture but we are much disappointed." "May 23rd, A very nice day. Mrs. D. brought over a bird this morning. He is very pretty. Pale yellow with dark spots on his head. He warbles nicely now though he is only 6 weeks old. I guess he is a singer all night." "May 26th, A lovely day. I did not have much baking today. My little bird got hung up in the top of the cage and but for Johnnie he would have died. I saved him however. Boys went up street in the evening." "July 4th, A very hot day. Fred took Johnnie up to see the parade. I did not go out through the day. Celie was gone till night. Viola was here a little while. Her mother does not get along first rate. We went up on Mrs. Darey's lawn in the evening and saw the fireworks." "August 12th, A nice day but we were up so much last night with the Negroes that no one felt like going to church so we rested and slept all day. I went on the hill in the eve to see Mrs. M. a few minutes." "August 17th, A lovely day but rather warm. I baked and regulated my pantry a little. In the eve it was so fine that Fred took J. and I up to the band concert. We reached home about 9 p.m. The coachmen's ball was tonight. Viola went." "August 30th, Weather conditions unchanged. Hot. I canned tomatoes, did my little churning and other sundries. They had a large lawn party on the hill with music etc. A very nice time. They went to the band concert in the eve." "September 6th, Something of a shower in the p.m. Rained quite hard for a few minutes but everything is very dry yet. Uncle went to Hillsdale with Shadrick's team. Girls went to band concert. Had the Dr. for Johnnie tonight." "October 4th, Nice day. I wanted to clean my bedroom but we had to have an early dinner so I couldn't do it. It is very warm for a few days. Lawyer Joyner's house is quarantined for diphtheria." "November 6th, A nice day. I churned as usual and Viola ironed I think. Of course the men were all up street afternoon and evening. The lodge meeting tonight. Indications of a Republican victory." "December 31st, We were not up at midnight to welcome the 20th century as it was ushered in but it came just the same. I hope its years that we may see will be for the uplifting of us all rather than our going backwards." Some of the many names mentioned are; Annie Gibbons, Haywood, W. B. Peck, Hayes, Case, Wallace, Derry, Mackie, Arthur Love, Deane, Nelson Parrish, Ned Hall, Annie Barnes, Vosburgh, Dewatt Rowe, Kipp, Byron Decker, Hoag, and more. The diary measures about 3" x 6" and is a bit rough for the wear. The cover is worn and torn but the pages and binding look good.; Manuscript; 32mo - over 4" - 5" tall; BERKSHIRE COUNTY, OCTOBER MOUNTAIN, PITTSFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS, HIGGINS, PRE SUFFRAGE, RURAL LIVING, WOMENS STUDIES, GENDER STUDIES, SOCIAL STUDIES, PRE WORLD WAR I, WORLD WAR ONE, HANDWRITTEN, MANUSCRIPT, DOCUMENT, LETTER, AUTOGRAPH, DIARY, JOURNAL, LOG, KEEPSAKE, WRITER, HAND WRITTEN, DOCUMENTS, SIGNED, LETTERS, MANUSCRIPTS, HISTORICAL, HOLOGRAPH, WRITERS, DIARIES, JOURNALS, LOGS, AUTOGRAPHS, PERSONAL, MEMOIR, MEMORIAL, PERSONAL HISTORY, AMERICANA, Als, antiquité, contrat, vélin, document, manuscrit, papier Antike, Brief, Pergament, Dokument, Manuskript, Papier oggetto d'antiquariato, atto, velina, documento, manoscritto, carta antigüedad, hecho, vitela, documento, manuscrito, Papel,



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