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On offer is a compact research library of the noted and famous journalist, author and untiring freedom fighter against sharia law and for women's rights Oriana Fallaci. This research library of 27 contemporary and one [1] antiquarian books [detailed below] were recently recovered from the same and original source of the research files of Ms. Fallaci that this company recently sold. Ms. Fallaci was of one of the 20th century's most celebrated, notable and influential women. A prolific writer and author and a world renowned interviewer and journalist, [a term she loathed to define her work] and in her later years a true heroine fighting on the front lines of the War on Terror speaking out against terrorism, islamofascism and sharia law. As an author she is held in high esteem among the likes of Hemingway and Malraux. As an interviewer her subjects included Henry Kissinger, Willy Brandt, the Ayatollah Khomeini, and the late Pakistani leader Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, from whom she extracted such criticism of India's Indira Gandhi that a 1972 peace treaty between the two countries almost went unsigned. She also interviewed Norman Mailer, Sean Connery, Ingrid Bergman, Nguyen Cao Ky, H. Rap Brown, Geraldine Chaplin, Hugh Hefner, Federico Fellini, Sammy Davis Jr, Anna Magnani, Jeanne Moreau, Dean Martin, Duchess of Alba, Alfred Hitchcock, Mary Hemingway, El Cordobes to name a few. This small research library belonged to one of the worlds most celebrated and enigmatic women of the late 20th Century contain. There are books that were signed and inscribed by the authors to Ms. Fallaci; some books were collected and left untouched by Oriana; some have post-its and bookmarks; some holograph notes; some interesting personal notes and ephemera. There are two [2] personal copies of her own books. As stated along with the contemporary books there is an 1845 handwritten manuscript [more fully described below] that was important to Ms. Fallaci's personal genealogical studies. The collection: English books: 'Human Rights in Guatemala: No Neutrals Allowed'; 'Report on Human Rights in El Salvador'1982 [July 20]; 'Report on Human Rights in El Salvador'1982 [Jan. 26]; 'Report on Human Rights in El Salvador'1983; 'Kamal' 1982 [w/TLS from publisher]; 'Burden of Desire' [a novel by Robert MacNeil w/intimate ALS from Nan Talese]; The Hamas Charter [Janet Levy and Georgette Gelbart noted in gilt on the front free endpaper.]; and 'Four Steps to Love Florence' [inscribed, signed]. Italian books: 'Lettre di condannati a morte della Resistenza europea' 1954; La Rabbia e L'Orgoglio 2004; 'Vita di Vittorio Alfieri' 1922; 'L'Italia del Risorgimento' 1972; 'Da Quarto al Volturno' 1932; 'La Forza della Ragione' 2004; 'Nuovi Documenti su Giuditta Sidoli' 1957; 'Guida Storica ed Artistica' 1981; 'L'Italia Giacobina e Carbonara' 1971; 'Voglia di Violino' [inscribed, signed] 2002; 'Il Cuoco Galante' 1990; 'Il Contratto D'Enfiteusi' ???; 'Dialoghi Filosofici' 1981 Vol. 1 & 2; 'Castro' 1969; 'Alberi d'Italia'1996; 'Amerigo Vespucci' ????; and 'Oriana Fallaci' [Hungarian]. The 700+ page, 1845 manuscript book, coverless, once held by string as evidenced by the remnants of such. Her personal bookplate is tucked inside the front pages. In Italian, the front page dates the book and ownership, and authorship assuredly, by a man named Vincento Muccio. He has stamped his name throughout the book. The manuscript is entitled "DI REALI DI FRANCIA" or "THE ROYAL HOUSE OF FRANCE" being an important compilation of prose, in the form of a chronicle of romance material concerning Charlemagne and Roland (Orlandino) from various legends. The original book was written in the 14th Century book by Andrea De Barberino [also called Andrea Mangiabotti]. While many wealthier people would hire a scribe to copy an important text this manuscript is not the work of a scrivener but a multi year task of Vincento more likely. The book begins with a title page and then hand-numbered pages begin at '3' and run out sometime over 600 but there are easily over 700 pages but save for Page '2' all appears accounted for. Pages are loose, text blocks broken down but all otherwise accounted for save for page 2 which we surmise was an index after the title page. This book is entirely in one hand and where Vinceto was lacking in the handwriting arts he made up for in creating or reproducing a number of charming drawings that, again maybe, perhaps, he copied from the original book. We believe this manuscript was an essential resource in researching her genealogy and completing her last and final book. This is an extraordinary unique opportunity to peek into the mind of this fascinating woman and to travel in her own research footsteps. BIO NOTES: A true Renaissance woman, who traveled the world routinely and on any given day even she herself was unsure where she might be heading next. Though she has written novels and memoirs, Italian author Oriana Fallaci remains best known as an uncompromising political interviewer, or, as Elizabeth Mehren puts it in the Los Angeles Times, "the journalist to whom virtually no world figure would say no." Already as famous as many of the figures she interviews, Fallaci is a freethinker passionately committed to her craft. "I do not feel myself to be, nor will I ever succeed in feeling like, a cold recorder of what I see and hear," she writes in the preface to Interview with History. "On every professional experience I leave shreds of my heart and soul; and I participate in what I see or hear as though the matter concerned me personally and were one on which I ought to take a stand (in fact I always take one, based on a specific moral choice)."While Fallaci's morality has seldom been questioned, her interviewing techniques are highly controversial. According to New York Times Book Review contributor Francine du Plessix Gray, Fallaci combines "the psychological insight of a great novelist and the irreverence of a bratty quiz kid." Known for her abrasive interviewing tactics, Fallaci often goads her subjects into revelations. "Let's talk about war," she challenged Henry Kissinger in their 1972 interview. "You're not a pacifist, are you?" When a subject refuses to cooperate, he becomes "a bastard, a fascist, an idiot," notes Esquire contributor David Sanford. Fallaci denies her reputation as a brutal interrogator, insisting instead that she merely frames the questions other reporters lack the courage to ask. Where others seek objectivity, Fallaci prefers an approach that she calls "correct" and "honest." Each interview, "is a portrait of myself," she told Time contributor Jordan Bonfante. "They are a strange mixture of my ideas, my temperament, my patience, all of these driving the questions." Although Ted Morgan complains in the Washington Post that Fallaci "wants to be more than a brilliant interviewer, she wants to be an avenging angel," Fallaci defends her unique approach on the grounds that she is not simply a journalist but a historian as well. She told Bonfante: "A journalist lives history in the best of ways, that is in the moment that history takes place. He lives history, he touches history with his hands, looks at it with his eyes, he listens to it with his ears." To Jonathan Cott in a Rolling Stone interview, she explained: "I am the judge. I am the one who decides. Listen: if I am a painter and I do your portrait, have I or haven't I the right to paint you as I want?" ; Manuscript; 4to - over 9¾" - 12" tall; KEYWORDS: HISTORY OF, ORIANA FALLACI, FALLACI ORIANA, ANTI TERROR, SHARIA LAW, ITALY, FAMOUS ITALIAN, GENEALOGY, RESEARCH, ORIANA FALLACI, MUCCIO, DE BARBERINO, MANGIABOTTI, DI REAL DI FRANCIA, THE ROYAL HOUSE OF FRANCE, CHARLEMAGNE, ROLAND ORLANDINO, ROMANCE, HANDWRITTEN, MANUSCRIPT, DOCUMENT, LETTER, AUTOGRAPH, DIARY, JOURNAL, LOG, KEEPSAKE, WRITER, HAND WRITTEN, DOCUMENTS, SIGNED, LETTERS, MANUSCRIPTS, HISTORICAL, HOLOGRAPH, WRITERS, DIARIES, JOURNALS, LOGS, AUTOGRAPHS, PERSONAL, MEMOIR, MEMORIAL, PERSONAL HISTORY, JOURNALISM, MEDIA, WOMEN'S STUDIES, FEMINISM, TERRORISM, WAR ON TERROR, AUTHORS, WRITERS, JOURNALIST, HAMAS CHARTER, ANTIQUITÉ, CONTRAT, VÉLIN, DOCUMENT, MANUSCRIT, PAPIER ANTIKE, BRIEF, PERGAMENT, DOKUMENT, MANUSKRIPT, PAPIER OGGETTO D'ANTIQUARIATO, ATTO, VELINA, DOCUMENTO, MANOSCRITTO, CARTA ANTIGÜEDAD, HECHO, VITELA, DOCUMENTO, MANUSCRITO, PAPEL,


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