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On offer is an historical manuscript relic of Duchess County in New York State being the original handwritten diary of George F. Vickerman, a 25 year old. The diary is dated 1898 which was the year of the Spanish American War and there is a fair bit of mentioned of the war by George though he didn't fight. From the daily entries he manages if not runs or owns a large seeming dairy, creamery operation. There is much talk of going to Stormville, many times on his "wheel" he also mentions going to Green Haven, Poughquag, Hughsonville, Gay Head and Beckmanville. Local historians and researchers of the area will find a treasure trove of local details and genealogy as George never fails to mention names, plus he talks about going to parties, shows, his work, the war, Odd Fellow parades and banquets and more. He also mentions a terrible accident that nearly cut a man in half. The man who died was William Knapp and for some reason they have to give affidavits and on a different occasion Mrs. Knapp and her lawyer go to where George is (possibly his work) and are looking for evidence. Then finally in December, Ella, his wife [?] has a still born child and then she dies the next day. Here are some snippets: 1898 "January 11th, Received letters from John Lee and Krooss a telegram. Mr. and Mrs. M.V.B. Brundidge, Charles Weyant, Amanda Lee, Liddie Knapp and Mrs. Ella B. and myself all went to a private party at Wellington White's this eve. A fine time. Danced until 3 A.M. this Wednesday morn. Worked at ice all day. I went to Stormville. H. J. Krooss received letters." "February 16th, Cold and Windy. Blizzard. Sam went to Stormville. Jessie R., Aunt Lind R. Churned. Salt butter. Battleship Maine blowed up. Particulars later. L. And Mrs. B. played dominos against Van and I, 5-4 our favor. Received 9 cans sour milk from J. M. Reppenhagen." "March 1st, Cool and pleasant. Van, Charles and I went to Gay Head to town meeting. Whole Democratic ticket was elected. I went to Newburg on 4:05 P.M. went to Middletown on 6:45. Saw the boys and show Sporting Duchess, fine. Sold my watch, J. M. Vonstein. Have an awful cold…." "March 6th, Charles and Ella went to Green Haven. Amanda here tonight. Wrote all day. Van worked in my place 50 cents. Wrote out a full account of milk testing, Seactometer and cream test and sent in to H. Krooss with request for Babcox Test. Sent card to H. K. for bottle caps." "March 30th, Cool and pleasant. Ordinary. All the people went to show tonight. Saw Liddie home. Sailed across lake with raft. Soap and postage 12 cents. Show as pretty fair for a medicine Co's. Pay show 10 cents. Pretty good size crowd. I got shaved tonight." "April 1st, Rumor said war was declared between United States and Spain, no truth in report. We all went to the show tonight. Van staid at home. He worked for W. J. and M. B. Storms unloading lumber. Another bag of coal. Received 3591 qts. Shipped 9314 cans and 14 cases. Began with 2 cases today to Mutual Milk and Cream Co. Also ship to William McMullen all I have been shipping to Herman Krooss and Reppenhagen…" "April 6th, Cold, snowy and pleasant. Big wreck on N. E. covered bridge this side of Hopewell. Train 223 went through it last night this side of bridge. Dropped 7 or 8 empty freights. No one hurt. Conway got truck of 5419 off and got it on all right….." "May 5th, Warm, cloudy, raining after 4:00 P.M. Don't think I will join I.O.O.F. tomorrow night. Dan Connors here. Very rainy night. Warned farmers this morning, will execute tomorrow. Sent back 1 can to George A. Jaycox. Set line for printing fish. J. Wanamaker R. I. I am twenty five years old today." "May 8th, Cool and rainy. Hail. Dan went up to Stromville with manifest. Received 4751. Sh. 116-14 S. Nasty day. Wrote this eve. Today's paper contains first official report of Com. Dewey's Sunday battle, has captured Manila and sunk Spain's fleet." "June 7th, Warm and pleasant. Went to Po. Kipsie with Garry Roach to attend dedication of Odd Fellows Hall No. 21 I. O. O. F. 261 to 263 Main. Street. Very warm. 300 hundred in parade. $24, 500.00 cost of bld. Grand Supper in Banquet hall by Rebekah Lodge No. 7. Josey Phillips and I stayed up to regular meeting. Garry came home and we stayed up. I came down with Joe. Got home 3:00 A.M. George Brundidge worked in my place. Grandest and pleasantest time I ever enjoyed." "June 29th, Rode up to _____ with Andrew Erickson. Went all over the Mountains and got Board Health Report. Traveled 21 miles on wheel. Received 5424. Sh. 4413. The worst road in God's creation I traveled over today. Al Kniffen spraint his ankle Sunday. E. T. Baldwin broke his leg last week." "July 6th, Warmer and pleasant. 3:25 P.M. 388 registers. Received 4968 Sh. 120 13 Mother and Grandmother S. Hired Kenneth Seaman to carry my mail. Began this morning, 50 cents per week, paid. Went up to Stormville tonight. Over to C. E. B. Van worked for W. J. Storm. Mr. and Mrs. R. Smith visited here this eve." "September 5th, Warm, hot and pleasant. Received 3997 Sh. 97 13 R. Sent mother to Jessie's. Van milked in Dec. Wood's place. I. O.O. F. Excursion to Coney Island. Matteawan picnicker's here." "October 24th & 25th, Cool and pleasant. Received 3533 Sh. 87 11. Sent one extra can for bottles. William Knapp was instantly killed by train #126 tonight, 5:53 P.M. Two horses and lumber wagon, horses killed and wagon torn to pieces on crossing at Storm Lake. Only one car today. No soap….George Lee was over. Pollack was over and took affidavits. He was nearly cut into his middle, his head severed, both arms broken and both legs. Amanda Lee was here. Mrs. Lydia Thompson said above……" "December 16th, 17th, 18th, and 19th, Warmer and cloudy. Ella was taken sick at noon today. Mrs. Knapp and lawyer was around after evidence. Attended lodge. Stayed in lodge room and wrote until late. Do not expect Ella to live……Warmer and cloudy. Ella no better. Girl baby born dead……Ella died at 9:20 A.M. Amanda Lee here. Liddie came over today…….wrote 20 death notices for lodge tonight. Sent Jess and mother. Our car loaded after train came. Using my own envelopes." Many name are listed above but some others are; Ezra Weyant, Mary Van Allen, J. H. Warren, George Frost, Charles White, Van Wyck, Charles Griffin, George Hopkins, Mary Cooper, John and Elias Overfield, W. Tompkins, Richard Tompkins, Agent Lansberry, K. H. Seaman, Henry Zelland, and more. The diary measures about 4" x 7" and the cover is stained and very worn but the pages and binding and overall G+.; Manuscript; 12mo - over 6¾" - 7¾" tall; KEYWORDS: DUCHESS COUNTY, NEW YORK STATE, UPSTATE NEW YORK, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR, DAIRY FARMS, ECONOMY, COMMERCE, RURAL LIVING, STORMVILLE, GENEALOGY, HANDWRITTEN, MANUSCRIPT, DOCUMENT, LETTER, AUTOGRAPH, DIARY, JOURNAL, LOG, KEEPSAKE, WRITER, HAND WRITTEN, DOCUMENTS, SIGNED, LETTERS, MANUSCRIPTS, HISTORICAL, HOLOGRAPH, WRITERS, DIARIES, JOURNALS, LOGS, AUTOGRAPHS, PERSONAL, MEMOIR, MEMORIAL, PERSONAL HISTORY, AMERICANA, antiquité, contrat, vélin, document, manuscrit, papier Antike, Brief, Pergament, Dokument, Manuskript, Papier oggetto d'antiquariato, atto, velina, documento, manoscritto, carta antigüedad, hecho, vitela, documento, manuscrito, Papel,



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