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On offer is an original rather enigmatic and very intriguing 1862 manuscript diary handwritten by A. K. Jacobs a 22 year old man [he is 23 years old on December 23rd] who at the beginning of the diary was a teacher at Eckley School and going to White Haven in Luzerne County. Soon he tires of teaching, a Mr. Tarbox takes over, and Mr. Jacobs heads to Philadelphia, then to Harrisburg, Williamsport, Elmira and finally ends up on the shores of Lake Erie where starts an engineering/surveying job [research finds a civil engineer, A. K. Jacobs, in the 1880 census, living in Lock Haven Pennsylvania, born in 1840 and married to a Mary and no doubt the same author of this book]. Historians and researchers of the era and the region will find a number of intrigues. In one case he seems to be caught up in some kind of scandal or legal troubles. He writes: "August 9th, Received a letter from L. Hyndman. Heard what the people at Eckley think of me. Have from all accounts a pretty hard name but am innocent of all the charges." In another circumstance that while there is hardly mention of the Civil War but Jacobs left drafts of two different letters in the back of the book on the blanks, one to a women he loves named Emma and the other, a 'Letter to the Editor' and in part it reads: "…..The last battle before Richmond has caused the people in this (Erie) and adjoining counties to mourn for friends and relatives who laid down their lives for their country. They were principally of the 83rd Reg. Pvt. Col. McLane who was a citizen of Erie, I believe, was pretty badly cut up when he returned to camp……" Here are other snippets: 1862 "January 1st, Had a good crowd all day at the bar. Fell very tired at night." "April 9th, Wrote to J. L. Hyndman. Spent a very unpleasant day in school. Scholars very troublesome and mischievous. Felt bad because Jane did not give me an answer when I wanted to go up with her to Mary's." "April 12th, Went to White Haven in the afternoon. Brought a horse wagon over. Took Jane out to the valley. Had quite a happy time. Got back at 4 o'clock. Stayed with her till two." "April 23rd, Taught as usual. Made arrangements to stay with Jane. Attended church at the Episcopal Church. Had quite an exciting time with Jane. She got excited and got a fit." "May 23rd, Lieut. C. Straw and Jack Durst visited me this forenoon. School small today." "May 28th, Came back to Eckley this morning. I am going to quit teaching and am going into Engineering. Leave next Monday. Went to Jeddo after school. Engaged Mr. Tarbox to take my school next week." "May 31st, Came back to Eckley, ran around and settled my business. Stayed with Jane. Had a good time. Retired about 3 o'clock. Took Jane out riding, had a nice time." "June 4th, (in Philadelphia) Spent the day in visiting the Navy Yard. Evening went to the theatre. Welch arrived today." "June 6th, Looking up some records to assist us in the survey. Left Williamsport at 6 in the evening for Elmira. Arrived there at 4 in the morning. The train being detained by the freight train running off track." "June 7th, Ran around Elmira, visited the Water Cure. E. is quite a city. Left E. for Erie at 5 in the afternoon. Arrived in Erie at 2 o'clock Sunday morning. Went to bed at 3. Slept very sound." "June 15th, Went to church in the morning. Afternoon went down to the Lake. Went aboard a vessel there. Welch sketched Presque Island." (in Belle Valley) "July 20th, Spent the day at Stranahan. Had a good time with Jennie in the evening. Am going to take her to the ball on Friday next." "July 21st & 22nd, Moved our boarding place to Concord. Worked on the line and distributed stakes. Ran up to Corry…..Worked on Hu Line. Did a good says work after which went to Huron for supper then to Stranahan's intending to come back but being prevailed upon to stay. We did. Stranahan and family are fine folks." "July 25th, Worked all day. Evening took Jennie Stanahan to a ball. Had a good time. Kept it up till day light." "July 27th, Arose at 8 o'clock. Took breakfast and went down to Stranahan's. Heard of some remarks made about my being "Light" at the ball last Friday night. Not true." "August 10th, Went to Corry to a war meeting held there. Saw quite a crowd. Took dinner at the Boston House with George McBride, engineer on the passenger train." "September 2nd, Welch and I went to Spring Creek. I had a good time with Miss Emma and we had a glorious time all around. Am going to correspond with her, Miss Emma. She is a mighty fine girl." "October 22nd & 23rd, Met Emack Davison. Garden party on the train. Came down with them and had a time with them…..Stopped at the boarding house all day. Made drafts of bridges." "November 6th, Received a letter from Beisel. Run levels. Weather quite cold. Fire feels comfortable. David Tate, I am to pay 25 cents. Attended an apple cut in the evening at Capt. Graham's. Had a nice time." "November 21st, Spent the day at the boarding house. Attended a performance by Rivers Troupe in the evening. Very good performance." "December 19th, Went to Pittsfield and stopped all night. Attended a ball at Warner's Hotel. Met Emma there. Spent an hour pleasantly with her. Retired about 3 o'clock." Much of the diary was written in pencil and a few of the entries are a bit faded and smudged. There are a total of 227 days worth of entries and the back is also filled up with expense entries and additional notes. Much of those blank pages are from January 2nd to March 30th and then the entries become more regular. The diary measures about 3 ¼" x 5 ¾" and although all the pages are accounted for the binding is loose as are some of the pages so it does need some archival repair but overall the book is Fair+.; 32mo - over 4" - 5" tall; KEYWORDS: CIVIL WAR, MEN'S STUDIES, PENNSYLVANIA, ECKLEY, EIRE, WILLIAMSPORT, JACOBS, LUZERNE COUNTY, Ephemera, Hand Written, Personal, Americana, Memoir, Handwritten, autograph, autographs, signed, letters, document, documents, manuscript, manuscripts, writers, writer, author, Holograph, personal, Ephemera, antiquité, contrat, vélin, document, manuscrit, papier Antike, Brief, Pergament, Dokument, Manuskript, Papier oggetto d'antiquariato, atto, velina, documento, manoscritto, carta antigüedad, hecho, vitela, documento, manuscrito,


Author Name: A.K. JACOBS


Book Condition: Fair

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