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On offer is the super, original manuscript diary handwritten by Esther Marie Gernit Bullock [b.1852] who lived in or around Lycoming County, Pennsylvania or Steuben County New York. She is married to Francis Joseph Bullock and they have four children; Charles Edgar, Walter Herbert, Allen Gernit and Edna Maria. This is a very large, very full diary measuring about 7 ¾" x 13" with 250+ pages of daily entries covering September 30th 1897 all the way through to April 6th, 1900. We learn that three of her four children are no longer living with them, or soon on their way out. This greatly affects Esther and on many occasions she talks about being so lonely and missing her children greatly. The family moves two times during the time span the diary represents but only to a different house or location in the village. The boys seem to work for the railroad and she doesn't like it at all because of how dangerous the work is. Frank is retired but seems to be looking for work. There is also talk of the Spanish American War, her first grandchild born to Charles Edgar, her grandmother Bullock passing away and the funeral, traveling to the near by villages, talk about how the New York Central Railroad Company has taken over the Fall Brook Central RR Company line, Cyclone, flooding, and so much more. On numerous occasions she says her days are "terrible and tedious". She also writes a very intriguing entry on October 6th, 1898 telling that something so terrible has happened and filled them all with so much grief that she can't write it down. Here are some snippets: 1897 "October 4th, Froze hard last night and was real cold this morning. Warm in the afternoon. Frank helped me wash in the forenoon. After dinner he went over town. Walter went to Hornellsville to see about getting on to the Erie road but it seems as if I never can stand it to have another boy on the railroad. It has caused me a great many tears and unhappy hours. I rather he would do most anything else. Edna went over to Charles Edgar's a little while. He got back from Williamsport about noon." "November 18th, Snowed and blowed. Frank is not much better. Walter worked but was so rough Allen did not start out. Charles Edgar invited us over there to eat dinner with them. It is a year today since they were married and it seems a long year to me since he went away from home. He ought to have gotten back from his trip about noon but it was nearly night but we did not eat dinner until he came. Edna got dinner and supper here at home. Jarvis expects to go to work in a few days." "December 2nd, Pleasant but cold. Walter worked in shop. Jarvis and Allen have found work and are going to begin tomorrow. After diner I went over to Charles Edgar's a while. He has to go to Williamsport tonight. Frank came home from the 4 roads tonight. He says Foster is very sick. Dr. thinks he has typhoid fever and they are very much worried about him." 1898 "February 16th, This has been a terrible tedious day. The wind blew very hard and snowed all day. There are some drifts around the house. I dreaded to have Walter go to work this morning. It is not quiet so tedious this evening but will be a cold night and Charles Edgar goes to Williamsport. I am afraid he will suffer with the cold." "March 5th, Real pleasant. Frank worked for Mr. Buck. Walter and Allen worked. Mrs. Saxton went home this afternoon. Frank and I went over on Bridge Street to look at a house. We have decided to rent but do not know just when we will move. Mr. Lamb owns the house. It is only a little ways from Charles Edgar's so we went up there a few minutes." "April 6th, Cold and snowed nearly all day. We have had a hard day. We finished moving. Charles Edgar and Walter both helped or I don't know as we would have got through today. Libbie came over and helped me straightened around some. She and Charles Edgar put down the carpet in my room and the boys and made up the beds. If they had not I am afraid we wouldn't have got much done for I am tired out and sick. I wish Allen could have been here to dinner then we could have all eaten together. Charles has gone to Williamsport tonight." "April 21st, Cold again and rained some. Frank and the boys worked. Charles Edgar and Libbie have not got back from the 4 Roads yet but I shall be glad to see them. Edna went over town this afternoon and while she was over there she heard that war has begun between the United States and Spain. And the papers are all full of war talk. There has not been a battle yet but everything seems to be about ready." "April 22nd, Rained nearly all day and has been a cold day. Frank and the boys worked. Charles Edgar and Libbie came and I was ever so glad to see them. Frank Edgar, Allen and I went up there a little while this evening. Everybody seems to be excited over war. We read in the papers tonight that the United States had captured 2 Spanish vessels." "May 1st, Real pleasant and is the warmest day we have had but is raining again this evening. Charles Edgar got back just as we had dinner ready so he and Libbie stayed to dinner with me. The boys, Edna and Glenn and I went over to the Erie depot this evening to see 5 train loads of soldiers on their way to war. It was a sad sight. Walter went down to Elmira on his wheel in company with several others to see the soldiers start from there. He says it was a solemn occasion." "May 2nd, Rainy early this morning then the sun shone out for awhile but it soon began to rain again. Frank did not get in a full day but Walter and Allen did. This evening Edna, Glenn and I went up to see the Fire Building to see the fire works. It is all war excitement. They raised a flag on the building. Some more Corning boys enlisted but I am happy to think none of mine are on the list." "July 8th, Very warm. Frank and the boys worked. Charles Edgar has been down home a while. Mr. and Mrs. Sonnerson started for New York tonight and tomorrow afternoon the ship will sail that will carry them back to their old home, Denmark. I was sorry to have them go for they are nice people." "September 7th, Rained nearly all day. At the time we were having such a terrible rain here last night down to Troy, 4 Roads and Springfield Pa there was a terrible cyclone. The greatest damage done at any one place was at Steve Brace's. His large barn blew down killed Will Brace and 14 of their cows and 3 horses. It must have been an awful shock to his parents." "September 18th, About 5 o'clock this morning we had a hard thunder shower but soon cleared off and has been a nice day. Walter started for the 4 Roads about 20 minutes of 8 this morning on his wheel and expects to get there about noon if he has good luck. Tomorrow will be father's 79th birthday but they will have the gathering today at Edgar's for some of them could not be there tomorrow. It makes me very unhappy to think I could not be there. I never failed but once before. I hope Walter will get there in time for dinner." "October 4th, Cloudy but did not rain until toward night. Frank worked. Allen has been around home. Oh how many more tears will I have to shed over my family? I cannot bear to have one of them away from home but a few days at a time but this afternoon Walter has gone to Avoca to run a barber shop that is if he likes it there. Of course I want all of them to do what is best for them but Oh! How lonely I will be. Charles Edgar went to Lyons." "October 5th, Rained hard nearly all day. And it has been fitting to the happenings and what did happen I never will write for everyone of us are bowed with grief but I believe the day will come ere long that we are all happy together for that is my prayer. Frank nor Allen worked. Charles Edgar went to Lyons." "December 25th, Christmas and it has always been a merry one to us before this but today tears take the place of joy. Of course I am so glad the other children could be here but poor Allen. Oh, How I miss him. Walter came home and Charles Edgar and Libbie came down. Emma Shaw was here too. All seemed to be pleased with their presents and I am sure I was with mine for they were all very nice but I must have Allen home before next Christmas. Walter and Edna were going to church tonight and they coaxed me to go with them." 1899 "January 19th, Very pleasant but chilly. Frank worked. Charles Edgar went to Lyons. Libbie came up and took dinner with us and at noon I stared for the 4 Roads. She went over to the depot with me. At half past 5 o'clock this afternoon I got here at the 4 Roads. Allen met me at the depot and Oh! How glad I was to see his dear face. Every time I looked at him it seems as if I am dreaming. Julia Stuart, Dell and Edgar are all sick. Edgar is under the Dr.'s care. I have been sick all day but fell better tonight. Jesse Bullock's folks have a daughter, It was born the morning of January 19th." "March 1st, It has been a beautiful day but tonight the wind blows like a storm. Frank worked but his foot isn't any better. Charles Edgar went to Lyons. Edna was over home this afternoon and went over town of an errand for Frank. I went with Mrs. Lindsey this afternoon down to the Congregation Church to a funeral of an old man who died in the Insane Asylum. It is no one that I knew but his name was James Littlefield." "April 18th, Very pleasant and quite warm. Frank commenced work at the mill. Charles Edgar did not get back from Williamsport until 5 o'clock to night but ought to have been here about that time last night. I got very nervous about him but they were waiting for cars. I went up to his house this morning a little while. I had a letter from Allen, he says Warren Gernit has enlisted in the war and is on his way to Manila. Edna is over to Mary Nichol's yet." "April 28th, This has been a beautiful day but the wind blew hard. Frank worked. Charles Edgar went to Williamsport. I suppose this will be his last trip for the Fall Brook Company for next Monday the New York Central will take possession of the road and will be known as the Pennsylvania division of the New York Central and Hudson River Railroad. Edna and I cleaned house. This evening she has gone to a party." "June 9th, Rather cool all forenoon but think it is some warmer this afternoon. Charles Edgar went to Lyons this noon. Mrs. Smith Housel (Nell Westcott) died this forenoon. Her baby was born the next day after Libbie's and it seems so sad she must die and leave it. I have been down to Charles Edgar's this afternoon. Frank worked." "July 2nd, Toward night after it got cooler I went up to Charles Edgar's but hadn't been there but a few minutes before Frank came after me and had a dispatch from Edna and wanted me to come to Watkins tonight for she was sick. Of course I hurried around but it was only 10 minutes before the train would leave but I went over hoping the train would be late but started before I got there. Now I shall have to wait until morning but it don't seem as if I ever could…" "July 3rd, Awfully warm but I am so thankful I didn't have to make the trip to Watkins. Edna got home here about 11 o'clock last night. She had a bad time with her heart and they were so frightened about her that she sent for me but she was some better and came home. She doesn't look as if she would be able to go back very soon." "November 18th, Froze some last night but has been a lovely day. Frank worked. Charles Edgar started for Williamsport early this morning but before he got there he got hurt and had to come home. He fell and struck on his foot and cut it open so he had to go to the Dr. and have it sewed up. It is a great wonder it didn't break his neck. It scared me terribly when I saw hat had happened but I guess it will get along all right. This is the third time I have had to write in my book of an accident to him since he had been on the road. And I pray that this is the last trouble he will have. We were all invited down there for supper as it is their wedding anniversary and we went and stayed the evening too. Coral Paine brought his phonograph up there and we had some fine music but we would all enjoyed it better if it hadn't been for Charles Edgar's accident." Many names are mentioned: Mary Nichols, Ida and Olive Edwards (she says that Olive took poison and died), Emma Shaw, Frank Jarvis, Foster and Lill King, George and Kate Cornell, Saxton, Mahlon Nichols, Lamb, Holmes, Ellenberger, Cole, Sonnerson, Blanch Fries, Billy Hope, Hollenbeck, Townley, Dr. Lane, Lindsey, Ned Hallstead, Ed Hogaboom, Dr. Miller, Elder Fuller, Dutcher, Colvin, Prof. Blodgett, Zelda Mulligan and more. HISTORICAL NOTE: The 1880 census shows her in Springfield, Bradford County Pennsylvania but they have moved since the census was taken because in this diary she mentions going to places such as Dundee, Avoca, Williamsport, Lyons, Elmira and it looks like Murray Hill is close to them so I'm not quite sure exactly where she is in Pennsylvania or New York. They must be close to the border too because most of the towns are along it. The diary's cover is very worn and torn but the pages and binding are very good. Overall G+.; Manuscript; Folio - over 12" - 15" tall; KEYWORDS: HISTORY OF, ESTHER MARIE GERNIT BULLOCK, SPRINGFIELD, WILLIAMSPORT, AVOCA, LYCOMING COUNTY, STEUBEN COUNTY, NEW YORK, PENNSYLVANIA, WOMEN'S STUDIES, PRE SUFFRAGE, RURAL LIVING, GENDER STUDIES, SOCIAL STUDIES, FRANCIS JOSEPH BULLOCK, HANDWRITTEN, 19TH CENTURY, HANDWRITTEN, MANUSCRIPT, DOCUMENT, LETTER, AUTOGRAPH, DIARY, JOURNAL, LOG, KEEPSAKE, WRITER, HAND WRITTEN, DOCUMENTS, SIGNED, LETTERS, MANUSCRIPTS, HISTORICAL, HOLOGRAPH, WRITERS, DIARIES, JOURNALS, LOGS, AUTOGRAPHS, PERSONAL, MEMOIR, MEMORIAL, PERSONAL HISTORY, AMERICANA, ANTIQUITÉ, CONTRAT, VÉLIN, DOCUMENT, MANUSCRIT, PAPIER ANTIKE, BRIEF, PERGAMENT, DOKUMENT, MANUSKRIPT, PAPIER OGGETTO D'ANTIQUARIATO, ATTO, VELINA, DOCUMENTO, MANOSCRITTO, CARTA ANTIGÜEDAD, HECHO, VITELA, DOCUMENTO, MANUSCRITO, PAPEL,



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