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On offer is a fascinating, unique manuscript relic of the life of a young boy living on the Jersey Islands one of the Channel Islands in the English Channel dated January 1884 through April 1885 and then April 1886. Incredibly the diary then becomes an intriguing description of this family's emigration to the United States of America by way of travel through Canada, Boston, St. Louis, Oregon and finally settling near San Francisco and Oakland in San Leandro. Handwritten by an unidentified young man the diary begins in Millbrook Jersey where the diarist lived. There are many references to playing cricket (he obviously loved playing cricket), as well as references to football, trips to various Jersey towns, his daily life on Jersey Island, planting potatoes and beans, etc. Almost every day has at least a brief notation of the weather and notes of local events such as a two-masted ship has stranded near the station. His family appears to have been somewhat well-to-do [the premium leather book lends credence given the youth of the writer] perhaps they were land-owners and farmers on Jersey Island. The diary writer was able to travel quite a bit, play lots of cricket, go to school, take Preceptor's Exams, travel to France, etc. Life did not appear a burden for him. There are many names mentioned in the diary, but the diarist almost always used first names and only occasionally surnames. Here are snippets from his life on Jersey in 1884: 27 Fri. Fine, rainy. Papa walked to Gorey. 5 Wed. Very fine. Played a foot-ball match against David's but were beaten. 15 Sat. Practiced cricket with Ernest. 20 Thurs. Windy. Played cricket. 29. Sat. Fine. Played cricket after school. Planted potatoes in the conservatory. 4 Fri. Rainy in the evening; played cricket. 8 Tues. Very fine. Ernest received a present from Uncle John. Played Cricket in the "Miles" with the school. 9 Wed. Very fine. Played cricket in "the Sands". 26. Sat. We went to Portelet Bay with Pirchard. Mamie got a prize of one pound. 30. Wed. We are studying history for the examinations. Played cricket in "The Sands". 1. Sun. Very fine. Mr. Nicholson, who has just come back from Scotland, preached. 2 Mon. We played 8 boys against 22 smaller ones and beat them. At last it has commenced to rain. 26. Thurs. This afternoon I went to the sports (events) at St. Aubin's School. 30. Mon. Took the train for St. Helier and left Jersey for St. Marlo at 8.30 this morn. I was as sick as I could be although the sea was calm. 8. Tues. Bought some cherries to carry back to Jersey. 17 Thurs. Fine. Papa bought me a half guinea bat for birthday. 24. Thurs. Fine but windy. Planted beans. 27 Fri. Cold wind. Went to be measured (for clothes) and to see Sadie, she had a toothache and could not go with us for a drive, but we went to St. Catherine's Bay. 1 Sat. Played a match of football against the 2nd club of Victoria College, but were beaten. They got 2 goals and 3 tries, we nothing. 20 Wed. Planted potatoes all the afternoon with Ernest and Willie. 22. Fri. I am 5 ft 11 1/2 in. high in stocking feet. The family leaves Jersey Island by steamer ship, goes to England, then leaves England for Halifax, Canada; then to Boston; then by train to Portland, Oregon, with a lengthy stop in Decatur and other towns in Illinois where they have relatives; they visit a number of towns in Oregon before deciding to stay in Portland where they buy (or rent?) a house; but the father decides he doesn't like it; he visits Santa Rosa, California, which he likes at first but then doesn't; so they visit the San Francisco Bay Area where they all seem happy and the Father buys 10 acres in San Leandro and that's where they end up. The diary recounts all aspects of the journey - the dirty hotels, finding arrowheads in Illinois, the changing landscape, the cost of eggs and fruit in Oregon, the fertility of the land, the wildness of the land, the trains, the sleeping cars and much more. Here are some snippets: "Rough and foggy. Very sea-sick. Ship rolled a great deal. Steamed 190 miles. Still sea-sick. I am not able to sit at the table, but the stewardess brings me something on deck. Sailed 240 miles. Wind in our favor. We get in the harbour very early and coming in a doctor boards our ship to see if we were bringing any disease. We waited until 6.30 for a train and got a 1st Class Car. I like the train very much, the seats are leather and very comfortable. Arrived at Millie's at 7.30. Went in the woods. Made a fire. Ernest found a nest with brown eggs. Pa went to Boston with Willie and Ernest. Picked huckleberries. Pa, Mamie, Willie, Bessie and I rode in a carriage to Welesley and visited Mr. Hannewell's place... we then went to Welesley College. Went to Millis's farm. He has 85 cows in his stables and a large piggery. Packed. Left Millis at 9 am and arrived at Boston at 10.30 am where we waited till 4 for the train. We got a Pullman Sleeping car and will only change at Decatur Ill. We are now near Niagara Falls - Crossed over the suspension bridge below the Falls. The river is very narrow, rapid and water very rough. Capt. Webb was drowned here. Went through Canada - the country wild and barren looking. A ferry took the train over Lake St. Clair. Ernest, Willie and I went to the "bluffs" along the Illinois river. We went in the buggy and Willie rode most of the way on horseback. We had dinner at John Brown's, he gave me 2 arrow-heads of flint. The valley is very fertile and much corn is raised. Effie, Winnie, Bessie, and I went back with Ma to Jacksonville (IL). Went to Mamie Gregory's after tea. We passed over the Illinois, the Mississippi, and Missouri rivers. Country somewhat undulating and not very rich. Arrived at Kansas City at 9 pm and put up at Blossom Hotel. The city looks untidy and unfinished. Went through Wyoming which is dried up. only sage growing. Stopped at Cheyene. Saw some Indians at one of the stations, and passed through Rock Springs where many Chinese were massacred a short while ago. We ascended to a great height about 9000 feet. Arrived at East Portland and a steamer took the passengers across the Willamette river to Portland proper, and then we went to Quimby House Hotel. This is a large town but the streets are very dirty. Crossed the river in the ferry and went to the house we have taken at the corner of 9th and L Street. Went out for a walk. Pa at Ashland, but likes Eugene City best. Rainy day. Read "Stock Gambling". Pa joined the Public Library. I read "Congo" by H.M. Stanley. Went for a walk with Winnie and Bessie. They had their pictures taken. Went to the library, and after dinner went towards Mt. Tabor to see a piece of land for sale. Kept Thanksgiving with three fowls for dinner. The roads are extremely muddy, even in town. Went with PA to see the California steamer. Pa bought a ticket. He went on board this night. Went to Berkeley and visited the University grounds and museums. During the afternoon walked along lake Merritt. Took the ferry to San Francisco and visited Golden Gate Park and Cliff House. Saw the seals lying on rocks. Ma and Pa came back. They do not like Santa Rosa - it is too warm. Walked along the lake in the direction of Piedmont. Went fishing but caught nothing. Had teeth filled at Gilman's. Skinned a humming-bird. Pa bought 10 acres in San Leandro." Flexible Leather Covers, marbled endpapers, all gilt edges, 4.75" x 7", lined inner pages, approximately 140 pages (70 leaves). About half the pages (approximately 70 pages) are completely filled with manuscript diary entries, the rest of the pages are blank. Overall G.; Manuscript; 16mo - over 5¾" - 6¾" tall; KEYWORDS: HISTORY OF, PORTELET BAY, CHANNEL ISLANDS, ENGLISH CHANNEL, SAN LEANDRO, NORTHERN CALIFORNIA, JERSEY ISLAND, ST. HELIER, IMMIGRATION TO THE USA, EMIGRATION, GREAT BRITAIN, ENGLAND, MILLBROOK, AMERICANA, HANDWRITTEN, HANDWRITING, 19TH CENTURY, HANDWRITTEN, MANUSCRIPT, DOCUMENT, LETTER, AUTOGRAPH, DIARY, JOURNAL, LOG, KEEPSAKE, WRITER, HAND WRITTEN, DOCUMENTS, SIGNED, LETTERS, MANUSCRIPTS, HISTORICAL, HOLOGRAPH, WRITERS, DIARIES, JOURNALS, LOGS, AUTOGRAPHS, PERSONAL, MEMOIR, MEMORIAL, PERSONAL HISTORY, AMERICANA, ANTIQUITÉ, CONTRAT, VÉLIN, DOCUMENT, MANUSCRIT, PAPIER ANTIKE, BRIEF, PERGAMENT, DOKUMENT, MANUSKRIPT, PAPIER OGGETTO D'ANTIQUARIATO, ATTO, VELINA, DOCUMENTO, MANOSCRITTO, CARTA ANTIGÜEDAD, HECHO, VITELA, DOCUMENTO, MANUSCRITO, PAPEL,



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