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On offer are two [2] original manuscript diaries handwritten by Charles W. Jewell [b.1861?] of Orange County Vermont. Dated 1878 [Charles would be 17 years old] and 1884 when Charles was twenty-three. The first book details his life at home in Vermont; the second diary finds Charles in Towle California working and mining until November 5th when by stage, train and steamship he returns to Vermont. What is particularly fascinating about Charles' experience out west is firstly that the town of Towle, located 2 miles east of Dutch Flat in Placer County California has a remarkable history: the town's founders, the Towle family, were also originally from Orange County Vermont. A huge coincidence or was Charles purposely reacquainting with folks from his home? The second diary has an even more remarkable connection between Charles and the West which may very well be his own father who research suggests also Charles Jewell who lived in Umatilla County (around Pendleton) and whose death was infamously recorded: One online source provides: "1878….Umatilla County, Oregon, Mr. Charles Jewell, hearing of the Indian outbreak, secured an equipment of guns and carried them to his herders, who were tending his sheep about thirty-five miles from Pendleton. He stopped at a rancher's door for a friendly chat, and had barely alighted from his horse when a volley of shots from some ambushed Indians laid him on the ground. The other man was killed and Mr. Jewell was left for dead. When the Indians had gone, he crawled into the house and secured a pair of blankets and a shingle. On the shingle he wrote: "Charles Jewell shot by Indians is in the brush near by call me if you see this." The wounded man then dragged himself to the road, posted his sign (here, and crawled into the brush, where he wrapped himself in the blankets. For three days and nights he lay without food or water, and when finally some passing men found his sign and were led to him by his feeble answer to their call it was too late. He died a few days afterward in Pendleton." He also writes of a short trip to Lake Tahoe and Truckhee. On his way home by steamship down the Columbia River they stop in Pendleton and he writes about stopping at his "father's grave." Here are some snippets: 1878 "I wish you all a happy new year. Pleasant. I was up to Evins. Katie was up thare. I went down to W. River to school in a wagon. Katie was down thare and all the rest…….I went down to W. River to a concert and to Simpsons to a dance and oyster supper. Got home at six o'clock in the morning. When I go out a courting the dads and marms fret. I am such a chap for sporting that they haven't caught me yet…..I was sick, did not do anything but take pills and tend to my business…….I worked in the mill in the forenoon. Miss Ed Currier was burried today. I went to the funeral in the afternoon…." He names: John Peak, Dexter Prescott, Albert Downing (or Dowing), Newton Morgan, A. A. Perkins, Harry Emery, Den Dunham, C. P. Simpson, John Felch and more. 1884 JANUARY "6th, It is pleasant today. It cleared up last night. Got a letter from Page and one from Gilman. Went down to Alta and visited gold mine. Also went up and had Fred Bergin cut my hair and shaved. It is very dry for this country….9th, Pleasant. I helped Kecham haul rock onto the road just above the store. Very pleasant and warm. The boys are having a game of 21 in the cook house tonight….10th, Pleasant. Chamberlin and I piled over some wood in forenoon. Charles Carpenter and I went to Rocklin on the Emegrant train. Got at Rocklin 10 P.M. Staid all night. I see John Knapp….11th, Charlie and I started for Sacramento. Arrived at Sacramento at 11 A.M. We run across the boys. Staid all night. Had a big time. Will Corliss and Clark Taplin was thare and we just turned them loose. We had a boss time (on the 12th they head to San Francisco)….13th, Pleasant. I went and called on Mrs. Magoon Bell and the boys. George, Charlie and I went out to the Cliff House. Had a nice time but thare was a terrible crowd. Orren Magoon met us at the American Exchange and we went out on the street together…." FEBRUARY "14th, Did not do anything in forenoon. Worked for Towle Bros. in afternoon loading RR ties and lumber….21st, Very warm and spring like. Worked in pulp mill. No teams today on account of snow sheds falling down at the Gap. 4 or 5 men "Killed"……29th, Very warm and pleasant. Worked in P.P. M. (Pulp Mill). Prescott got a book from Manchester NH and lay here a reading in it. This is leap year day. 4 years ago today I was in Orange VT out to Uncle Wills. It was a very pleasant day, although very much colder…." MARCH "13th, Worked in P.P.M. Warm and nice. Got my paper today. Read the news and to bed. Prescott has got a cold. Went o Alta and got some medisine….18th, Rained all day. Worked in P.P. M. Clark Taplin, Henry Adams of Corinth Vermont got her tonight. We all went up to Ladd's cabin and had a reinion (reunion). A year ago tonight I left home for Cal….19th, Pleasant. Worked in P.P.M. Got a letter from Aunt Leane. A year ago this morning I started for California. C. B. Gilman carried me to Bradford to take the train….." APRIL "3rd, Very pleasant. Worked P.P.M. last night. Got a letter from Gracie. George Hutchinson and family arrieved (arrived) here today from Bradford Vt….11th, Worked in P.P. M. all night. Was sick all night. Peter is no better. Have both got the measles. Head up today. Prescott is taking care of us and he has got his hands full you bet….12th, Did not work last night. Am sick you bet your life. Dr. Towle was in to see me. Snowed all day. We have got the measles in good hearnest (earnest)…..14th, Rained all day. I am better today. Sent a paper to George Little, San Francisco. He has got the measles also. I am all broke out and feel better today….." MAY "4th, Very warm and pleasant. Ladd Shumway and I went to Dutch Flatts in forenoon. The green grass is up knee high. Fruit trees all leaves out. Went down and got back at noon all flagged out. Worked in P.P. Mill. Slept about 2 hours…..9th, Very pleasant and warm. Worked in P.P. Mill last night. Made a sun shade over the window this morning. Got my Gorse green paper and my daily also guess I shall have reading enough tonight…..12th, Pleasant. Worked in P. P. Mill last night and all day today. Also Dick's sister's child is dead. Got a letter from G. J. Little, Colfax W.T. (Washington Territory). Got some photographs from S. F. (San Francisco)…..19th, Rainy and cloudy. Worked in P.P.M. Got a letter from Gracie. Got cold and am sick. Tonight the Emigrant train is puffing away. Down here in the cut grasses it has got stalled. Don't care if it has……" JUNE "11th, Rainy all day. Worked in P.P.M. Came up to cabin and built a fire. Cold and rainy. A lone some night. Nothing to do and nothing to read….16th, Pleasant. Worked in P.P. Frank Flanders, Solon Cirtus and wife arrived last night from Vermont. Solon and Frank came up to the ____.....23rd, Rained all day. Worked in P.P. Mill. Changed the wheels. Frank and Solon was up and packed Frank's trunk up to my cabin. Frank staid with me all night with me. Got a letter from L. M. C. and S. H……" JULY "4th, Hot. Wrote to Aunt Rind. A big time at the Flatt. Am heard (hard?) up. Worked in P.P. M. We got double time, this makes 2, 4th of July's I have worked. Don't' believe I will next year…..31st, Very pleasant days but warm. Very nice eavings (evenings). Moony and nice you bet. Worked in P.P. M. Would like to be back East and take a buggy ride this eav. 33 days this month….." AUGUST "14th, Worked in P.P. Mill. Worked ½ of the night. Dick went to the Flatt to a party. Wrote to L. M. C. also to George Little, Eagle Rock Idaho. Run 3 boxes on one wheel. The Yuby (?) ditch is broke…..19th, Worked in P.P. Mill. Holmes left tonight. Was down to his cabin. Dr. and I helped him pack his trunk to Alta. He goes to Stockton tonight….28th, Hot. Worked in P.P. Mill in 4 noon. Dick and I change shifts today. I have got to work nights now. Put some sun shades on the cabin….." SEPTEMBER "6th, Worked in P.P. Mill last night. H. B. Halsey, Taplin, Frank Flanders and myself went over on Moody Ridge. Looked down into the American River. Slept in afternoon…..18th, Worked in P.P. Mill last night. Called on Mrs. Curtis. Hyrum has gone to Texas Mill to build a horse barn….28th, Pleasant. Taplin and I went to Dutch Flatt in forenoon. We dined with Solan Curtis's folks. Took a walk up to Baxter's after supper. It seams good not to have to work nights….." OCTOBER "13th, Rained all day. Moody Ridge is white with snow tonight. Was down to Dr's cabin this 4 noon. Sat around the stove and plaid bean poker in afternoon. Came up and built a fire and went to bed…..20th, Worked for P.P. Co. in Wheel pit. Dr. and I start for Lake Taho on No. 1, 12 o'clock tonight….21st, Pleasant. Arrived in Truckee 4 o'clock this morning. Went out to Donner in 4 noon. Came back got dinner at Truckee and stated for Taho City on foot. Arrived 5:30 in eav. It is just nice up here. Am very tired. Went to bed….22nd, Pleasant. Took a walk this morning and started around the lake at 9 A.M. Took dinner at Glen Brook. Arrived at Rowland's at 2 P.M. Saw Dickey and the wimen folks and went duck hunting….23rd, Went for a ride with Mr. somebody in morning staid around with Dickey. Took diner and started on the steamer for Taho City. Arrive 4 P.M. and took the stage for Truckee. Arrived at 7 P.M. and started for Towles at 11 P.M. Arrived safe and sound……" NOVEMBER "1st, Very pleasant. Worked for P.P. Co. on wood shoot. Finished work in California tonight. We are having very nice weather. Came up to cabin and took a bath….2nd, Pleasant. Went down to China Town in afternoon. Packed some of my trunk. Was down to Scott's in eav….5th, Pleasant. Came down to Sacramento on the local train. Sat around all day. Had some photos taken. Saw Chase and Joe Dixon. Stopped at the Western….7th, Pleasant. Took the stage to San Adreas. Got a saddle horse and arrived at Big Trees at 5 P.M. Stopped all night. Saw big trees. They are big ones you bet. Bad bugs to beat hell. Calveras Co…..10th, Saw Butterfield this morning. Went aboard the boat at 10 A.M. Started 11 ½. Very foggy in the bay. Passed through the Golden Gait at 12 ½ A.M. Too sick for anything. Was sea sick all day and night. All on board was sick. Don't want anymore…..11th, Was sick all day. Expect my boots along tomorrow. Did not get out of my bunk. All day weare off Cape Mende.(I think he might mean Cape Meares). Last night. Arrived at Astoria this eav and went a shore a few moments. Started up the Columbia River at night….." "13th, Pleasant. We laid in the Columbia River last night. Started at 9 A.M. Arrived in Portland OR at 2 P.M. Went out and bought a ticket for Kansas City. A fellow from Maine and I went out to see the sights in eav. Am stopping at the International Hotel….14th, I left Portland at 8 A.M. Arrived at Umatilla Junction at 10 P.M. and at Pendleton at 2 A.M. Saw some very nice Seanez up the Columbia River. The best I ever saw…..15th, Cloudy. Got up at 8 o'clock this morning. Had a very nice room last night. Stopped at the Vallard (?) House. Call at Mr. Anderson's this morning. Criss and I went over to my father's grave and around town in 4 noon. Staid at Mr. Anderson's in afternoon. Rainy. Came down to hotel and stop tonight….." "19th, Started from Weiser at 7 A.M. Arrived at Baker at 8 P.M. I hated to leave Weiser, was having a nice time. Like Millie's mother, aunt Sallie and in fact all. It was very cold riding 75 miles in an old stage. Am very tired. Like to freeze to death…..21st, Got up 9 A.M. Won't leave here until 10:40 tonight. Very dark, cold and raw and windy. Nothing to see but sand and sage brush. Am in the Junction of the Columbia and Umatilla Rivers. Came across a goose green fellow. We went down the rivers and saw the Indians. O, shit, wish the train would come…..22nd, Pleasant but cold. Arrived in Sprague at 6 o'clock this morning. Rode through Washington Territory, Idaho and Mont. Saw some fine grazing country in 4 noon but very rough and mountainous in afternoon. Came on the Express train all the way on the Northern P. Got a bad cold….. (Takes the "Utah Northern" thru Montana and Idaho to Ogden Utah and then on to Cheyenne Wyoming) 26th, A very nice day. Quite warm. I rode through Kansas today. Saw very nice country. It is the best country that I have seen sense I left the Missouri River 2 years ago. Arrived at Clifton for supper. Leave here at 9:30 P.M. for Centralia. Oh I am sleepy and tired. Wrote to Gracie….." DECEMBER "3rd, Cloudy. Arrived in Cleveland at 7 A.M. Buffalo at 2:45 P.M. At Niagara Falls 3 P.M. Visited the falls and started for Boston 8 P.M. over the N.Y. Central…..7th, Pleasant and warm. Visited Bunker Hill and run around the city till 12 o'clock and left for Manchester N.H. Arrived in Manchester at 2:15 P.M. went up street saw Mary Emery on Elm St. Came down to depot and took the 5 o'clock train up to Aunt Rind. Went to bed early and had good nights rest on a feather bed….." The entries stop on December 11th with him still being in Manchester. The 1878 diary measures about 3" x 6" and has a very worn cover but the pages and binding look good. The 1884 diary measures about 3½" x 6" and this cover is in poor shape but again the pages and binding look good. ; Manuscript; 32mo - over 4" - 5" tall; KEYWORDS: HISTORY OF, TOWLE CALIFORNIA, CHARLES W. JEWELL, PLACER COUNTY, ORANGE COUNTY, VERMONT, MINING, GOLD DIGGER, PANNING FOR GOLD, GHOST TOWNS, THE WILD WEST, AMERICANA, HANDWRITTEN, MANUSCRIPT, AUTOGRAPHED, AUTHORS, AMERICANA, MANUSCRIPT, DOCUMENT, LETTER, AUTOGRAPH, KEEPSAKE, WRITER, HAND WRITTEN, DOCUMENTS, SIGNED, LETTERS, MANUSCRIPTS, HISTORICAL, HOLOGRAPH, WRITERS, AUTOGRAPHS, PERSONAL, MEMOIR, MEMORIAL, PERSONAL HISTORY, ARCHIVE, DIARY, DIARIES, ANTIQUITÉ, CONTRAT, VÉLIN, DOCUMENT, MANUSCRIT, PAPIER ANTIKE, BRIEF, PERGAMENT, DOKUMENT, MANUSKRIPT, PAPIER OGGETTO D'ANTIQUARIATO, ATTO, VELINA, DOCUMENTO, MANOSCRITTO, CARTA ANTIGÜEDAD, HECHO, VITELA, DOCUMENTO, MANUSCRITO, PAPEL,



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