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On offer is a sensational, significant 1912 manuscript diary handwritten by rebel Seventh Day Adventist preacher Edward Ballenger. [While the diary does not have a name inside many other family members' names are mentioned plus there are other innumerable clues confirming ownership.] Edward and his brother Albion are easily found in a number of online websites for their troubles within the Church and authorship of a number of books and mentions in many more books. Bio notes below details much of their story. The diary begins with Edward living in California and then in the summer he sells his ranch and heads back home to Sheridan and Winslow Illinois. He talks about his brother Albion and mentions Mrs. White. At the end of the diary in December there's a supposed suicide of a friend or family member which is thought to be a murder. BIO NOTES: Research finds that Edward Ballenger (1864-1955) and Albion Fox Ballenger (1861-1921) his brother [whose original manuscripts #0001986 we list separately] were raised as 7th Day Adventists and later became preachers. Albion started the "Receive Ye the Holy Ghost" movement which helped inspire the Holy Flesh movement in the Seventh-day Adventist Church and later was dismissed from the church. However after a trip to England on missionary work Albion started teaching a "new theology" and because of this and him turning away from the 7th Adventist Church he became somewhat of an enemy of the 7th Adventist movement. That's when he began writing books on the subject (one being the original manuscript in the other archive listed) and was even involved in a trial because of it. Online sources find "On Trial for Heresy, The A. F. Ballenger Story" which is a very detailed history on both of the brothers; Edward and Albion. Another site provides: "Albion and Edward Ballenger were leading critics of the Seventh-day Adventist Church beginning in the early days of the 20th Century and carrying forward to the death of Edward. In Edward's latter years, Donald Mote began helping him in his work. After Edward's death, Mote continued the work until the early 1990's. The trio were primarily against the sanctuary view commonly held by most Seventh-day Adventists. They also opposed the authority and position of Ellen G. White. Besides tracts and small publications their main voice was "The Gathering Call" magazine." Here are some snippets: "January 1st, We are still on the Cypress Ranch trying to sell but don't expect to be able to tell the crop is started. Ida's and Nellie's families are still at Tropico. Albion is traveling among the heretical and his family is at Riverside. Ethel is book keeper at Paradise. Pa is at Rellis (?) for a week. Am taking treatment of Dr. Hoar three times a week. Have a smoke a little twice a night. I have cut down my magazine and expect to read more books this year." "January 9th, Finished the water in the chicken yards and filled up the ditch. Mr. W. R. Miller came for me to go over to his place about 6. He and Mrs. M. had been having a racket. He was so drunk that he was foolish. He accused his wife of many things and among them of being familiar with other men. She kept very quiet. I don't think I accomplished anything. Yet I hope he may mention it to me when he is sober." "January 25th, Set some gopher traps in A.M. Pa, Em and I went with Milton Miller's to aviation park to see them fly. Mr. Miller took us in his auto for $1.50. Lincoln Reachy did some very fine and daring manoeuvrings. It was quite windy so much of the program was not carried out." "February 12th, Fog and cloudy but no rain. Mr. Miller has been drinking hard. I went over and helped him feed the horses and got his bottle of whisky. Mrs. M. and her mother came over and slept here for fear of him." "February 17th, Mrs. Miller came over before we were up with the baby and took breakfast with us, staying till we went to church. He declared he would take the baby to the city with him. Em and I went to Centralia where I spoke on war and money. Had good freedom. Mrs. M. was with us most of P.M. She just insists on my going to the states attorney and helping her to arrange for sending Mr. M. to Patton for drunkenness." "March 24th, Attended the conference in A.M. and spoke 30 minutes to the Japanese in the Gless St. Chapel in P.M. on Arming the Nations. My second experience in speaking, three and an interpreter. Eld. Warren followed me. Bro. Blunt managed the affair. 13 Japs were present. Em and I came home in eve. Found two letters, one from Albie the other from Bro. Pooler telling of Gust's death the 18th. He died very suddenly of apoplexy." "March 26th, Had a good rain last week. Planted some radishes and lettuce in morning and then Em and I came to the Convention and to Tropico. Had Dr. Dreffenbacker pull a tooth of me. Dr. Hoare gave me another treatment. The convention closed today. Eld. Andross was elected P.M. convention president, Reaser, Reg. Lib. Sec. and Prof Lucas Ed. Sec. There was a pull for me but some one said I was unsafe." "April 7th, Didn't have to smoke today. Em had a very restless night. Her neck didn't seem to be any better. Didn't do anything but keep house and take care of Em. Pa and Albion came out in eve to stay all night. Albion gave a reading in eve on "Spirit of Prophecy." He certainly has some new light on the subject. It is so foolish for our people to teach that Sr. White is the spirit of prophecy. Everyone has the testimony of Jesus who is a Christian." "April 20th, Road my wheel to Artesia and Dr. Oatis took me to Norwalk. Spoke on Matt. 24:14. Had good freedom. Called on Maud Daniel and her father and Bro. Patton. Maud is quite discouraged and almost rebellious. Her father is very poorly. Confined to his bed and can hardly speak in a whisper. Sr. Foster brought me back to Artesia and I rode the way home. Very strong S.W. wind. Haven't had to smoke since the 4th, and have gained 5 pounds." "April 29th, Had to smoke but once. Mr. Will Miller has been drinking heavily for a few days and he was pretty badly used up today so he wanted me to go to the city with him to see a Dr. I took him to Dr. Leadworth and he gave him an examination. Said there was a little valvular difficulty but no serious organic trouble. Took him to Dr. Diffenbaucher to have a double set of teeth made. He felt pretty bad all day." "May 6th, Didn't have to smoke. Had Mrs. King irrigate for me and I went to Bro. Uborall's funeral. He had an operation about a month ago and had a reaction which caused his death. Dr. Fullmer conducted the service and his wife sang two selections. The Dr. only talked about 15 min. and I never heard him do so poorly. I feel that I have lost a very warm friend. Bro. W. was in good condition spiritually. His niece Mrs. Frank Pomeri was there with her father. Albion was down and spent most of forenoon with him. Brought a new pair of rubber boots." "May 8th, Irrigated all day or till 5. Then Em and I drove Miller's rig to Centralia prayer meeting where after a good meeting we took up 80 sub. for the 6 weeks. R. L. Signs and the absent members will probably raise it to over 100. United Hiram R. Kay, age 48 to Helen Cargill, age 50, in marriage. This was Sr. C's 3rd marriage. The church had been expecting it but the particular time was a surprise to them. Bro. Kay gave me $5.00 the first fee I ever received or took." "June 7th, had to smoke about every 2 hrs. till after midnight then slept pretty well. Feel much better this A.M. This spell of asthma has been coming on for several weeks. Have been loosing weight for several weeks and my digestion has been poor. I have been greatly disappointed in not being able to sell. The irrigating has been very slow and while it has been easy I have dreaded it every day. I never was so anxious to sell in my life and yet I suppose it is best for me to stick to it for a time as it is poor discipline to run away from a job when it is in a discouraging condition……." "July 11th, called to see Sr. Dayton about cancelling the mortgage and then came to Artesia to meet Em and sign the deed but when I came. Em told me the Young's were at our house wanting to back out so we came right home. Had quite a talk with them and finally they decided to take the place and he paid me $500.10" "August 1st, Em and I came back to Tropico. I spent the day in the city. Bought my ticket to Sheridan for $47.05 via Denver, Kansas City, St. Louis and Chicago." "August 4th, Spent the day preparing to go east. Took the Salt Lake at 8 P.M. Dave and Litta came to train with us. The partings were all very hard because of the uncertainty of my return but the saddest of all was the farewell to Pa at Riverside. When I saw the tears rolling down his cheeks it broke me all up. I hope I may regain my health so I can make a pleasant home for pa and show him the kindness and love he deserves. He has been more than a father to me. I didn't think Litta thought so much of us till we come to part." "August 5th, Had a bad night. Had to smoke every 2 hrs. and then was very restless. I got all fagged out packing and would have had a bad night anyplace. Started out to be a very warm day. Crossed into Nevada a little after 8. It has been a sandy, alkali waste with a variety of palm cactus at intervals. As we neared Utah the monotony broke and it got a little cooler. Had to smoke several times during day and felt very stuffy." "August 7th, Had to smoke 3 or 5 times. At daylight we were 10240 ft. high in Tennessee Pass surrounded by snow and a heavy frost. The run thru the Royal George was fine. Had quite a thunder shower just before we reached Denver. Lightening struck the Catholic's Church and knocked off the cross. Reached Denver at 4 nearly an hour behind. Em and I went to the Colorado Tract Society 1112 Kalamath St. and then out to see the place. Em went on at 9:45 and I took a room at the Columbia Hotel. Have a large south room at $3.50 a week." (He's in Denver until the 29th of August where he attends lots of religious camp meetings) "August 29th, Took the 7:15. C. B. & A. for Omaha and when I reached there I found I had to go right on or get to Kansas City late at night so I went right thru. Reached K.C. office but they had moved so I took a room and then went out to Electric Park. Saw a man run an auto around a wall 67 ft. in diameter with one wheel on a 90 degree L and the other on 75 degree L. They had a fine ladies band of about 40 nice modest Y.L. (young ladies?) who played very fine. One girl played a comet solo as well as I ever heard. A very hot day." (On to St. Louis, then Chicago and now back in his home town of Sheridan) "September 3rd, In old Sheridan again. Didn't have a smoke. Rested fairly well for me. Ate no breakfast and took it easy all day. The folks all look quite natural. Amos is looking fine. Mother hasn't changed but very little. Lyde has turned somewhat grey and Vieve isn't very plump. Allie is about the same. Sheridan is the same old stagnant place only a few residences have been built. It is about as stagnant a place as I ever saw. No paper, no water system, no electric lights. A very hot sultry day." "September 18th, We all went to Ottawa to the fair. Had our dinner on the grass. Rained in the P.M. so it was very sloppy. This is the first fair except World's Fair I ever attended. Em and I went to Clarence Reed's and the rest of the folks retuned on the freight. My left hip kept me awake last night." "October 2nd, Jim Ells and I walked to Freeport about 2 ¾ miles and took the freight to Winslow. Took us until about 11 to get there. The Ill. C. runs but one passenger and one freight per day. After walking up town for a few minutes I went over to Aunt Wennie's and then up to Phene Black's where I ate dinner. Neither of them would have known me had they not known I was coming. The old home looks quite natural only the forests are gone. The old white oak tree near the front yard is gone. A number of windows have been taken out. After visiting awhile took a stroll up to Martintown thru the big woods. They are nearly all gone except a little piece on the east side. The sand bank has been deserted. Met old man Deets and his wife. They have been married 63 years. Martintown has grown smaller. The old grist mill and saw mill are still there. Wood Roocker runs them. He furnishes light to Winslow. Road down to Winslow and went up to see Cora Steckel at school. She didn't know me. She looks quite old, warn and thin. Went home with her. Aunt Winnie looks about as usual only her right hand trembles quite badly. She still chews her tobacco." "October 5th, Didn't get up till nearly 9. Read awhile before dinner and then took a walk thru Cope's farm to Buchannan's pond and to Klasey's Mill and back via of Block's place. But what a change. Both ponds are no more; neither the mills. The ponds are now farm lands. The spring is filled up, the barn is torn down and the house is moved down to Sweeley's old place. Took supper with Cora. Went to town in eve. A nice day. Have had a smoke once each night." "October 16th, Wrote most of A.M. and went to Freeport in P.M. Called on Clara and Mary Swazey, Belle Taggart and Cora Farnum Burnwood. Took supper with Frank Richardson and then spent the eve with Charley Burnwood and family. Mrs. Farnum was with them. Charley is an active Christian worker now. Has two girls who sing nicely. Came back and stayed all night with Frank. He and his wife are the most deluded couple on religion that it has been my privilege to meet. They believe we live on the inside of the earth. There is no fact of science that they will not twist or destroy to carry their point. Didn't get to bed till after 11:30." "October 20th, Taught Jelma to make hammocks and then Jim brought me to the I. C. train. Reached Dixon at 11:10. Olive and George met me at the train and took me to the Evangelical Church where Pastor Smith spoke. He invited me to speak in eve so I spoke on Will the Old Book Stand. Didn't have very good freedom tho it seemed to be well received. Received a telephone message from Em telling me to come home as Frank Robertson had killed himself. Olive's home is a sad place. She can't talk five minutes without referring to Elgin's trouble. Rella, their eldest girl is a very fine girl and good reader. She recited several selections for me. Amos and Seymour went to Milwaukee to get Frank's body." "October 24th, Didn't have a smoke. The remains of Frank R. came on the 10:45 but the folks missed the train in Chicago so they came to Savannah at 1:12 and auto's met them. The funeral was conducted at 2:30 from Grandma R's home. Eld Barash conducted the service. Two girls sang Jesus Savior Pilot and Abide with Me." Amos and Seymour seem to be completely bewitched by the two girls. Frank's wife and her sister, they both defend the girls and the only reason they have for their opinion is the testimony of the girls. Amos thinks his death was an accident or done in a delirious dream. It seems that Frank was drinking some again. The girls testified that they were out with men, one at least married till 2:45 and drank at least 20 beers. I pity Vieve and Lyde for they are awfully chagrined at his defense of the two beer wretches. Will Kibben and Yada called to see me this morning. He expects to go to Cal to spend the winter." "November 18th, Am 48 today. My health is somewhat improved. Have not had to smoke much for a month. Have had a few light spells of asthma. My eyesight is as good as it ever was. Have never had to use glasses. My hearing is normal. In fact I feel pretty good for one my age except some stomach disturbance and the asthma. I am thankful for the health I enjoy. Weight 153. Lowered Knapp's auto floor so he could run his auto in without lowering the top. Worked pretty hard and felt very tired at night. A nice day." "December 4th, Rained a little last night. A very pleasant P.M. Went after water cress in P.M. Amos returned from Milwaukee at 11. He has changed his mind regarding the death of Frank. He believes he was murdered and that his wife had a hand in it. Made a couple of sets of cards." "December 17th, Rained last night and was threatening all day. Trimmed up some brush and chopped the wood. Finished reading "The Call of Dan Mathew's" by Harold Bell Wright. It is a story of a young minister in the Ozark Mts. His analysis of the condition of the church is very true but his characters are so unnatural and overdrawn that it is almost ridiculous. I can give no reason for its popularity than that it tries to overthrow the church." The covers of the diary have fallen off but are accounted for though really in awful shape. The tex block is otherwise G.; Manuscript; 12mo - over 6¾" - 7¾" tall; KEYWORDS: HISTORY OF, EDWARD BALLENGER, SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTIST, ALBION F. BALLENGER, THEOLOGY, RELIGION, RELIGIOUS, HERESY, RELIGIOUS REBELS, OUTCASTS, PROTESTANT CHRISTIAN TEACHINGS, WILLIAM MILLER, SABBATARIANISM, JOSEPH BATES, JAMES WHITE, ELLEN G. 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Publisher: Sheridan and Winslow Illinois IL, 1912

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