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On offer are a fascinating pair [2] of original 1941 and 1945 manuscript World War II diaries handwritten by a young Jewish man Sidney Schulman, from Altoona Pennsylvania. Born May 25th 1923 he would be a mere 17 years old at the start of the first diary. Sidney is an erudite writer and certainly has a lot of pizzazz but what makes this pair of diaries significant to even the casual reader we witness this high school boy become this barely freshman at Pennsylvania State College as he is just graduating from high school and in the fall he heads to college and then in the fall of 1942 he enlists in the Army Air Force and serves as a B-29 Gunner until the war is over. From boy to man, from car dates in America to looking for action in the red light districts of Asia as Sidney details a fair bit in 1945 of his service while stationed in the heart of China. One cannot fail to be impressed seeing this young college student grow into a fighting man in the span of the two diaries. Here are some snippets: 1941 "January 9th, School uneventful. Same old routine. Talked to Bill for ½ hr on plane about _____. Don't know whether doing things right. Have to have real show down with her a lot but??? Time will tell. Am really in a bag. Studied then was over on her. Really a reward, tish, tish (?). Hellish driving right now, wondering whether to go after dad or not coming in at 12:43. I did. Schulman you're a queer guy. To all, goodnight." "February 20th, Gov. James isn't coming tomorrow. He has a bad cold. Postponed (Youth Rally) until ____boy gets better. Ankle feels much better. Listening to radio, a hell of mixup in the Balkan's and the Far East. The damn Japs in the news. What next??? Tomorrow might tell. So Goodbye." "March 23rd, Almost didn't go today. Mother was mad, she wanted to go. But it was too much for her, 600 miles in 2 days. Got to Niagara Falls about 7:00 P.M. I drove from home to there (Niagara Falls was our goal). Saw the store. Not bad, clean and business could be ______. Stayed at the Moose, a crap joint. Drank a bottle of beer. So Goodnight." "April 5th, Am I disgusted. I had a hell of a day in the store. Feel like quitting. Gable is a nice fellow to work for. Went with Ben and Randall to Vernon. We passed time away. Went to Ben's for refreshments. Germany has declared war on Yugoslavia and Greece. Outcome time will tell. Goodnight." "May 25th, Happy Birthday to me, 18 years old. Congratulations. I went out with Goldy in auto. Harry W. got a car, 35' Chevy. So so. Went to Ableson's. Listened to records and Roslyn. Went to meeting (AZA). Putzed around (Alexander, Willowbrooks and Hershey's). Goodnight." "June 28th, Today was a day. Went to work, got out at four, went swimming at 5. Did dad's work. Went for Neal and Ben. Went to party. It turned out pretty good. Dancing, eating, drinking (sober drinks). Went out to Willowbrook's. Danced a bit, took the women home, drank a bit (bitters), played cards, smoked, and raised hell. Played poker again from 6 to 7:30, won 15 cents. At 7:00 went to Dixonville. Slept a bit, went home again at 2:00. Slept from 5 till 10:30. Did a bit of work for dad. Goodbye." "July 24th, (Thursday) & July 28th, (Sunday). Just heard that a cleanup is coming. Oh! Well there's plenty of time. Just to tell you something confidential diary, Audrey is in town. I have a date for Sunday. Tess has one for Saturday…Did the work for dad this morning. Went swimming with Ben, Tess, and Bernie up at Blue Hole. Bill and twins were up. Had the best swim of the year today. The date with Audrey proved a flop. Gave her hell but what else could I expect from her than a bad date. Goodnight." "August 29th & 30th, Today I went with dad. First to Coudersport. We stayed there overnight. Ray's wife is going to have a baby in near future. We decided to go to Letchworth State Park tomorrow…. Went to Letchworth. It's a nice place. Falls, gorges, canyons, etc. Decided to go to Rochester and did. Went to see Mr. Epstein. Abe was there and was he surprised to see us. Hyme Epstein and cousin are going to show us the town tomorrow. Goodnight." "September 29th, Had an 8:00 class. I have a graduate student as an English teacher. So far I don't like him. I received a letter and check from home. We heard fight last night. Louis knocked Nova out in 6th round. Goodnight." "October 30th, I took gym today. It was there I started to really thinking of my education. What should I do? My ability in math isn't so hot in my opinion and all technical course require it. Ben Beerman came home today. I talked with him about my troubles. I am still in same old boat. I personally would like to take up a liberal arts course, history, physic, ete. etc. But……goodnight." "November 28th, I made a date for tonight but Patty broke it at 9:15. She said she felt sick, well maybe she did but she waited a long time to tell me. I went out anyway. There were two girls modeling dresses in Summond's and Ben and Ben Stilwartz dated them. Not bad at all. We went to Skytop. I was stag. Goodnight." "December 7th, Today was a co memorable day. As I arrived back at State from Altoona I found out Japan had attacked the possessions of U. S. in the Pacific. We spent most of the day and evening listening to reports. The President will speak to a joint session of Congress tomorrow for a decision of war." "December 9th, I got a part in the player's production. It is small but better than nothing. I got 76 in my math bluebook. I cut swimming today. The war is gaining momentum. Air raid warnings have even sounded from New York. Rumors are flying around like feathers in the wind. Goodnight." MEMORANDA: Well so ends another year and what an eventful one. As I look back one year ago, it seems years ago. And when I look at the things that have happened it seems unbelievable. In 365 day's time we have been thrust into a world war and when it will end, nobody knows. So I end this personal manuscript of mine with a hope that this year of 1942 will prove to be a year of prosperity and by the time 1943 rolls around this world will again be its normal self. Signed Sidney Schulman." 1945 (entries start on January 25th) "January 25th, Arrived in Miami. Got in at 1:30. Went to ATC Hotel (Floridian) and then to sleep at our quarters, the Fleetwood. Three formations a day, a few lectures and rest of time tanned at the beach and saw the sights of Miami Beach." "January 30th, Arrived at Casa[blanca] around 7:30. Went out to Ironside (?) Camp where we stayed in tents. Use French paper money. The natives (Arabs) are quite filthy. Really worse than you can imagine. We couldn't get any passes so wasted away the time. Gets quite chilly in the evening." "February 1st, Got in Cairo at 7:30. Got out bunks. In a barracks and went to sleep around 9 after eating breakfast. Slept till about 4 or 5. Went to PX bought a cigarette case and then went to service club. Want to see pyramids tomorrow. Use Egyptian pounds and _____here." "February 4th, Arrived Karachi at 4 in afternoon. Went out to camp and got assigned bunks. It's a desolate looking place, I must say. Camp spread all over the place. No lights. Use mosquitoes bars." "February 6th, This place is situated on a desert. Level, dusty, hot sun but cool breeze. Went in town tonight. Traveled about the bazaar section. Interesting but filthy smelly and rather disgusting." "February 11th, Went in town Rented a bike and went out to visit the place where the Hindu's were having some kind of holiday (at Clifton Beach). Quite the thing. 1,000's of people milling around. Quite colorful." "February 19th, Spent the day not doing much. Kept going to PX roaming about etc. this is some place. Rank doesn't mean a damn. Colonels carrying own bags, not saluting generals, etc. Not a bad place except they say heat and monsoons aren't good. Should go out in a day or so." "February 24th, Went down to see the Major. Got a DF assignment to Rummeug. (3.00 per day, diem) 2 miles out. Went out. It's in a Chinese's graveyard. Here in a tent as yet. The set isn't even up (241). Quite the outdoor life. Should be quite the thing building it up." "March 16th, They got some telephone poles out today but haven't put them up yet. One of these days they'll get started. Wrote a batch of letters while on duty. Already I'm beginning to get periods of depression and remorse. Maybe if the war would end it would cheer me up." "March 27th, Still pulling these all day and night shifts. Still sleep in the shade. I put my cot there. Engine trouble still persists and not more than one motor will run at a time. They should move down from the hill anytime now. In the Pacific the J-ps claim we landed men 350 miles from Japan mainland. Not confirmed as yet….." "April 27th, Boy you forget the date and the day of the week here. Time doesn't mean much. In Europe the Russians are in Berlin and supposedly have it all. Patton is in Austria. Munich is surrounded. Why in the hell can't they quit." "May 5th & 8th, Armistice signed in most of the European war. Only a lot of fighting is going on……Tonight at 12:01 is the official end of the European war. After 5 years and 8 months, it's over. 2 down and one to go. Hope it doesn't take too long as I'm in a hurry to get home." "May 17th, Well a lot has happened since I got in the army that beautiful day in May. Some of the fellows I came in will never come back. Gee I'll sure miss Ben. Can't forget him. Hope by this time next year I can at least be in the states though there's doubt in my mind." "June 23rd, Went to base. A plane was going to Nanning and coming back here the same day. So I went along. Cargo was mules and horses (4 of them), 7 of us in crew's compartment. Went with a combat cargo ship. Brought about 30 melons. Enjoyed the trip. Hot as hell at Nanning. Flew over Indo China. Got back at 6:15. Saw Dragoneered, been the 3rd time. Still propaganda for my part." "July 19th, What a mess this place is in. Rained like hell last night and everything is flooded. Cook tent is full of water. Built a levy around it but it still fills up. No drainage. No boats out here and water is up to our ankles. What a life. Bugs running around our tent." "July 21st, Almost passable around here, now rain reseeding. Getting fed up with this damn place. Feel like blowing my top. China is no place for a white man. Still the dirty disgusting place. Indiscernible in words." "July 25th, Worked today. Didn't do much. Went in base. Had memorial service for the 2 pilots who were killed yesterday. Two of them crashed up as they were leaving for a mission. Tough luck. War is surely hell." "July 27th, Had quite a spat today about digging a crapper. Be and I really had it out. Almost went to see Co. Really a silly assed argument. Got things straightened out. A P-38 crashed about ¼ mile away. Blew up. Went out to see it. As yet they didn't find remains. Quite a sight. Went in base and saw movie, "Have and Have Not." Gen. went out, continued tomorrow." "August 6th, Went in base in evening. Abe Rollins and I went in town, downed a bottle of rum and went around the red light district of Mengtzi. Really not any good stock around." "August 8th & 9th, We've given Japan an ultimatum either they give up or else we'll open up and use the Atomic Bomb. It's quite a weapon. One bomb is equal to the force of 2,000 super bombs loaded. Suppose to destroy everything. Supposedly the greatest discovery of all times. Rotations is now down to 18 months…..Woke up this morning to hear Russia declared war on Japan. Now with this Atomic Bomb and everything, how long can the damn thing last. Personally I don't believe I'll spend 18 months in China…" August 15th, IT'S OVER. Pres. Truman announced it at 7 this morning. Went in base, played poker, won $1.25. Big deal. Came out to D/F and found tent flooded. What a war. It's just beginning for us. 4th ____policy to send home guys 1st with most time." His last entry is on January 21st and he still hasn't returned home. The covers are worn, a few loose pages but overall the 5 ½" x 8 ½" books are G.; Manuscript; 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall; KEYWORDS: HISTORY OF, SIDNEY SCHULMAN, ALTOONA PENNSYLVANIA, JEWISH AMERICAN SERVICEMEN, JEWS AT WAR, CHENGKEMY, CHANGMAI, CHABUA, CHINA THEATER, WORLD WAR 2, WW2, WWII, WORLD WAR II, PACIFIC THEATER, RUMMEUG, RUNGAMUITY, B-29 GUNNER, AMERICAN AIRMEN, ARMY AIR FORCE, AMERICANA, HANDWRITTEN, MANUSCRIPT, AUTOGRAPHED, AUTHORS, DOCUMENT, LETTER, AUTOGRAPH, KEEPSAKE, WRITER, HAND WRITTEN, DOCUMENTS, SIGNED, LETTERS, MANUSCRIPTS, HISTORICAL, HOLOGRAPH, WRITERS, AUTOGRAPHS, PERSONAL, MEMOIR, MEMORIAL, PERSONAL HISTORY, ARCHIVE, DIARY, DIARIES, JOURNAL, LOG, PRIMARY SOURCE, FIRST HAND ACCOUNT, SOCIAL HISTORY, PERSONAL STORIES, LIVING HISTORY, ANTIQUITÉ, CONTRAT, VÉLIN, DOCUMENT, MANUSCRIT, PAPIER ANTIKE, BRIEF, PERGAMENT, DOKUMENT, MANUSKRIPT, PAPIER OGGETTO D'ANTIQUARIATO, ATTO, VELINA, DOCUMENTO, MANOSCRITTO, CARTA ANTIGÜEDAD, HECHO, VITELA, DOCUMENTO, MANUSCRITO, PAPEL



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