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One offer is a super, original 1917 manuscript Spokane Washington diary with a trip back home to Ohio handwritten by the wife of a prominent Spokane medical doctor and herself the daughter of a prominent contractor and road builder. Edna A. (Rice) Klussman who was married to Dr. Henry A. Klussman. They had two children by the name of Richard M. Klussman (R. M. K.) and Helen V. Klussman (H. V. K.). Extensive BIO NOTES follow the description. [While there is no place or ownership name in the book extensive research with the myriad of clues provided conclude the book was undoubtedly written by Edna.] Edna proves to be a dedicated writer until July 5th then skips two months until August 5th then through December. The family takes a road trip to visit Edna's family in Shelby Ohio leaving Spokane June 14th. She writes long entries nearly every day while on the road. They camp along the way in vacant houses and lots, churchyards, alongside railroad tracks, in schoolhouses, cactus fields, cannery yards, etc and once in a great while they stay at a hotel. She would write about the condition of the roads, her father being in the business created the fascination we suppose. Twenty days later they arrive in Shelby. She doesn't write while in Shelby but August 5th they start back and she writes from then on until December 31st, which includes the road trip home. Here are some snippets: 1917 "January 1st, Dr. got back from Missoula. Wish everybody a Happy New Year. My boy leaves me tonight. I hate to have him go. Fixed all his clothes up nice for him. I went to the train. Helen had company and Dr. was sick, not able to go." "February 21st, Just hustled around and cleaned the house up for the German Club. They want to dance, some work believe me. Everything is fine and dandy. Time and lots of good eats they furnished themselves." "March 31st, Finished everything up and ready for Richard's homecoming. Went to market in the evening and then to meet Richard. Quite a crowd down to greet him." "April 6th, Cleaned the house up nice. Went over to Edith's to look at chickens. In P.M. went to look at trailer. They are certainly swell but I don't care for it on our trip. In eve went to Liberty. Richard and Helen was out riding." "April 29th, We went to CordelaneCoeur d'alene to see boat christened. Stopped at Post Falls to John's for dinner and had a swell dinner. Went on to C'd with he and family. Edith took her car also. We got home about six o'clock." "May 27th, We were all over to Edith's for dinner and had such a nice time. Mr. Aten also. We took a long ride to look at property and also went to Liberty Lake before coming home. It was a beautiful day. In eve we all went to the Casino to see George Walsh." "June 14th, All off at 10:00 A.M. Great trip ahead of us. We left Edith's at 11 A.M. Went to Sandpoint then Heron. Camped one mile on the other side of Heron. Enjoyed it immensely. The roads were just dandy. Arrived at Missoula at 7:30 P.M. Met Oscar. He stocked us up just fine with good drinks. We ate and found a campground about 10:30. Was tired and slept well. The scenery is wonderful along. Swell roads." "June 17th, 1917. Left Harrison (Montana) at 8 A. M. after good nights sleep. Went over some of the worst roads I ever saw. Helen and I walked most of the way over the pass. Richard shoveled snow and made a path. The roads were so sidling he had to hold on the high side of the car while Dr. was driving. We pitched camp and the mosquitoes were awful. We made a big smoke and got rid of them but nearly froze toward morning over 7,000 ft. Alt." "June 20th & 21st, We left Reed Point about 7 A.M. after breakfast. One bad mud hole but we got through O.K. and found the roads pretty rough. Some terrible ruts. About 10 miles from Park City we discovered two broken springs in front. Some bad luck. Was delayed there 5 hrs. Started out, found Huntley Bridge washed out, went over the worst roads you ever saw and broke the same front spring. It wasn't fixed right. Staid Huntley all night. Had spring fixed there next morning. Camped in the city…..Left Huntley at 11 A.M. after fixing spring. All bridges are washed out at Custer, Meyers, can't get across river. Went over the worst hills and roads, through ditches, gopher holes and everything imaginable. Met Mr. Wright of Helena and he helped us by lessening our load. Three of us rode in his car. We were so glad because we would have gotten lost in the fields. We went 116 miles and was on the trail just 15 miles in all. A terrible day. We will never forget. Mr. W. took us to dinner and we staid at hotel." (Ismay, Marmarth North Dakota, McLaughlin South Dakota, Aberdeen, Marvin, Renville Minnesota) "June 27th, We left farm house at 5 A.M. made Minneapolis at 11 A.M. 112 miles. Roads were a little rough but we made fairly good time. We sat in car and watched Barnum Bailey Circus, also Sells Floto (Another traveling circus show) while they were fixing the magneto. Left M. about 4 P.M. and had a hard time getting out of St. Paul. Finally got started and traveled about 35 miles. Was so tired the roads were so rough so we stopped and camped at a schoolhouse. Pretty good sleep." "August 12th, Left the schoolhouse about 6 A.M. Roads are a little rough in places. Made very good time. Beautiful weather, cold if anything. Very cold at night. We just nearly freeze. Sorry we skipped our blankets. Reached Wyoming, camped in a very small town on this side of Pinebluff Wyo. A man told us we could sleep in schoolhouse. 241 miles." (Cheyenne, Cody, Yellowstone, Waltham, Hyattville, Basin and Yosemite)…" The 4 x 5¼ inch book's cover is poor, the pages and binding look good, overall G. bio notes: Dr. Henry A. Klussman, one of the well-known and highly successful representatives of the medical fraternity of Spokane, whose office is located in the Granite building, was born in Elliston, Ohio, on the 13th of April. 1878. He is a son of Dr. F. J. and Margaret A. (Apel) Klussman, the father being a prominent physician of Toledo, Ohio, while the mother is a daughter of John Apel of Bowling Green, that state, the owner of extensive oil interests in that vicinity. After the completion of his preliminary education, Dr. Klussman entered the Ohio Normal University at Ada, Ohio, being graduated from that institution with the degree of Ph. G. in 1896. Having decided to adopt the profession of his father for his life vocation, he subsequently matriculated in the Kentucky .School of Medicine at Louisville, that state, being awarded the degree of M. D. with the class of 1900. Dr. Klussman was an unusually bright and clever pupil, seemingly having been endowed with an exceptional natural aptitude in this direction, and in his junior and senior years in college he was assistant clinical demonstrator on genitourinary diseases. Immediately following his graduation he came to Spokane as assistant to Dr. C. P. Thomas, with whom he remained until the following October, when he opened his own office which he has ever since maintained. Dr. Klussman is a very ambitious, progressive man and is constantly striving to advance in his profession. He has pursued a number of post-graduate courses during the eleven years he has been engaged in practicing in Spokane, in addition to which he keeps in close touch with all modern discoveries and research through the medium of the various medical journals and reviews. Soon after locating here he went to New York City, where he spent several months, pursuing courses in both the Post Graduate School of Medicine of that city and the New York Policlinic Medical School and Hospital. At the same time he took some special and private courses in diseases of the kidneys and bladder at the Presbyterian Hospital of New York under Drs. Cabot and Spooner, and in operative surgery under Professor Dawborn.; Manuscript; 16mo - over 5¾" - 6¾" tall; KEYWORDS: HISTORY OF, EDNA A. (RICE) KLUSSMAN, DR. HENRY A. 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Author Name: EDNA A. KLUSSMAN [nee RICE]

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