1920s Incredible Collection of Letters from the Founder of the Round-the-World Society with Firsthand Insights into Life Around the Globe in the Early 20th Century

By: Elmer D. Raymond

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As the world moved on from the horrors of WWI, people began think more and more about travelling to other parts of the world. In some cases, they may have had a taste of it from the experience of going to other countries in the war. In other circumstances, the increasing prosperity of the Twenties (1920s) made such travel now possible for a wider segment of the population. Elmer D Raymond formed the "Round-the-World Society" and became its leader calling himself a "Globetrotter." His solicitation offered to send letters "from the mighty metropolises of European civilization, from the squalid villages of African savagery, from the icy wastes of the Arctic, [and] from the barren sands of the deserts" to all who subscribed to his service. It's unknown how many people subscribed to become members of the Society. These folded letters were written by Raymond and sent to members of the "Round-the-World Society" without envelopes but stamped and postmarked from the visited countries. They would be compiled and saved and bound into volumes with inserts and a pull-out map of the world. Entitled, "Letters From a Globetrotter", when read, they would be an accurate commentary of the shrinking world as it existed in 1925 and 1926. Each of Raymond's letters consist of three type-written pages. Each is numbered using Roman numerals. Each letter has the postmarked postage stamps still affixed. All have individual titles such as In the Nest of Pirates, The Dancing Nigger is in Town, With the Spanish Army in the Riff, Old Vesuvius Still has a Kick or Two etc. The contents are equally fascinating, as Raymond paints vivid word pictures of the people, culture, history, and current events of the places he visits. This particular volume belonged to Mrs. Freda Acker who was married to a doctor. They lived in Port Gibson, MS. Here are some excerpts from one of Raymond's letters: "A green patch appears on the horizon. Ahmet reports: "The Oasis" The patch grows and then a red mass emerges out of it. It is Marrakesh. The next few miles clear the picture. You see huge ramparts with black gates and hundreds of square towers, domes, minarets. All these are red. Above the city hangs a red cloud; it is the dust of the red city. The dust never settles" [para 2, LIX]; "A lieutenant in the gay uniform of the King's army turns toward us. "You needn't go any further than Spain," he says with enthusiasm . "This is Spain right here as you see it tonight. Machines, Factories ... Let the rest of the world worry about them. We have our wines, women and songs. Three cheers for Spain" [para 9, LXV]; "The Palace of the Doges is opposite the Campanile and adjoining the Palace of the Doges are the ancient dungeons. As we pass through the Bridge of Sighs, we ourselves are tempted to sigh. We grope into the gloomy, windowless chambers and run our hands over the writings scratched on the walls by the prisoners. We trace the outlines of a heart over a girl's name. Here was love "true to the grave" that was something more than rhetoric. For it was a law of the Doges that no prisoner would twice pass alive this dreaded bridge" [para 9, LXXIII]. These letters are an outstanding collection. Raymond is an excellent writer and he captures the readers imagination in the opening lines of each letter. For a historian, this volume provides a remarkable illustrated description of the world in the mid-1920s. ; Letters; 8vo 8" - 9" tall

Title: 1920s Incredible Collection of Letters from the Founder of the Round-the-World Society with Firsthand Insights into Life Around the Globe in the Early 20th Century

Author Name: Elmer D. Raymond

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Publisher: Around The World, Letters From A Globetrotter:

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Book Condition: Very Good

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