1942-1943 Diary of a Young New Orleans Shopgirl Focused on Her Love Life and Social Status Over the Realities of Life in War Time America

By: Rosemary Fisse

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On offer is a diary written by a teenager in the early years of WWII in New Orleans. The diary is a 5-year diary. However, it was used only to record daily events for one year. The author of the diary is Rosemary Fisse. She was born in New Orleans in 1923. She later married Lt. Col John Stahl, U. S. Army. She passed away in 2016 at the age of 93. She was 18 years old at the time she began this diary. The diary recounts Fisse's daily events with a very strong emphasis on her social life. For the context, it is clear that her family enjoys a middle-class life as she takes many opportunities to dine out, visit clubs, take in shows and shop with her friends. From context, she has completed secondary school and enrolls in a secretarial program at a private college. She has a sweetheart who is already in the U. S. Army and she speaks often of him: "Ida, Phillip, Charlie and I went out dancing. We met Phillip Tweedy at St. Regis. Then we left them and went to the Cotton Club. I had a wonderful time. (I never would have thought I would go out with Charlie" [Jan 1, 1942]. She has a job but it is unspecified - context clues suggest its in a retail environment. What does come across is that she is not committed to it as she often takes time off work to shop or indeed skips coming in to work. Charlie is clearly her focus ... Until Phillip comes along…: "We were very busy today. Ida said Charlie asked where I was & he said he didn't know I was home. Otherwise he would have asked me to go with them last night. Daddy said if I went out tonight I would have to be home for 1: 00 and I could drink 1 hi ball; he was peaches and cream with me. I didn't hear a word from Charlie & I sat home. I was broken hearted" [Jan 17, 1942]; "Instead of Miss Short putting me in toilet goods, she puts me in socks and hosiery. I was in misery all day" [Apr 6, 1942]; "Mary & I went in town. We signed for Social Security. I could have had a job at Woolworths in the stock room. But I don't want to work. We put in our application at the telephone company. I have to go back Friday for an examination by the nurse" [May 13, 1942]; "...went and got an application to fill out in order to join the war. I wish momma and daddy would sign up for me. I would like to wear the uniform…" [Sept 21, 1942]. This is a wonderful diary detailing the ups and downs of this young woman's life. Its a transition time for her and the diary is an excellent look inside her world. For a women's studies researcher, it provides a very good look at the social world of a young woman in the early years of WWII she records a lot of names of friends which would help genealogists in filling in gaps in local family histories. The diary measures 5.5 inches by 4 inches and contains 365 pages. Used only as a 1-year diary, it is 100% complete. The hard covers are in good condition. It is closed with a clasp and the clasp is intact and in working order. The spine and binding are in good condition as are all of the pages. The handwriting is legible. Also included is a black and white photograph of a U. S. Soldier posing for a picture. Although not identified, the picture is dated Aug 15, 1944.; Manuscripts; 24mo 5" - 6" tall; 365 pages

Title: 1942-1943 Diary of a Young New Orleans Shopgirl Focused on Her Love Life and Social Status Over the Realities of Life in War Time America

Author Name: Rosemary Fisse

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Publisher: New Orleans, Louisiana, New Orleans, Louisiana, United States: 1942-1943

Binding: Hardcover

Book Condition: Good

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