Author:Rabbi Shlomo Ben Aderes, Rabbi Yosef Samigah,


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1813 Kelilas Yofi - 1765 Sefer Avodat Hakodesh - 1813 Porat Yosef

By: Rabbi Shlomo Ben Aderes, Rabbi Yosef Samigah,

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On offer: Three books in one volume. Book 1: Kelilas Yofi - An Inclusion of Beauty [an aid for the study of Talmud] which begins with an approbation given by Rabbi Naftali Hirsch Katzenelebogen, Chief Rabbi of Hamburg, to the unidentified author of the Book. Dated: Monday, 3rd of Hebrew month Iyar, 1813. There is another approbation written by Rabbi Moshe Tuvia, chief Rabbi of Hanoi [we are uncertain if this is Vietnam or somewhere else]. The Rabbi's commendations are dated Yom T'voach, a scholarly reference to the day after the Jewish holiday of Shavuot, 1813. BOOK 2: Name: Sefer Avodat Hakod... View more info